Rare Android-Powered BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Up For Sale

Rare Android-Powered BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Up For Sale
Image Source: www.kijiji.ca (Screenshot)

A BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running on Android was spotted last year in a lengthy video before the first Android-powered Priv was announced. It never went on sale, but a new Kijiji listing might allow you to buy one if you are lucky enough, says CrackBerry.

Passport Silver Edition: risk or rare collection?

There were multiple sightings of the device at the time, and it was then caught up in the code-name confusion, with some referring to it as “Oslo.” Now, however, we know that in some ways, the Passport was a test bed for BlackBerry’s Android smartphones, according to CrackBerry.

Kijiji is an eBay-owned website similar to Craigslist, and the person selling the device says it is of no use to them as they deal with Apple devices mostly. The device, according to the seller, is brand new. The person claims that the smartphone was given to them by a BlackBerry employee and is willing to sell one it for only C$260, according to CrackBerry. However, the price may increase if many people become interested in it.

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CrackBerry notes some issues a buyer may face, like the lack of information on how well the phone works. Also there is no info on if the OS can be updated or not, so you are taking a $260 risk if you set out to purchase this device. In addition, do not forget the normal risks associated with online purchased products. Nevertheless, if you are a BlackBerry fan, then it is an amazing piece of history for your collection.

DTEK60 leaked shortly on BlackBerry website

Meanwhile, information on the yet-to-be announced BlackBerry DTEK60 was leaked on Tuesday for a short duration on the company’s own website.  CrackBerry was the first to spot the page, but since then, the page has been taken down. Thanks to the leak, we now know that the DTEK60 will follow the DTEK50, the most secure phone, according to BlackBerry.

According to the screenshots captured by CrackBerry, the DTEK60 will pack a faster processor, gain a fingerprint sensor (something no other Android-powered phone by BlackBerry has had before), and come with a larger screen.

A BlackBerry spokesperson told ZDNet, “We are not making any product announcements today, but will keep you informed of future updates. We appreciate the interest for BlackBerry solutions and products.”

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