Amitabh Singhi: Investing in the Indian Markets

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Amitabh Singhi presenting: “The Elephant is Moving, Investing in the Indian Markets” at the 8th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Amitabh Singhi: Investing in the Indian Markets

Amitabh Singhi of Surefin Investments will be eighth at Value Investing Congress, with his presentation titled: “The Elephant is Moving: Investing in the Indian Markets.”

Amitabh Singhi is Managing Director at Surefin Investments, an India based portfolio management and investment advisory company.

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Amitabh Singhi Live Coverage

2:30 PM EST: Singhi is now taking the floor, he’s going to cover non-correlated growth in Indian Markets.

2:31 PM EST: Singhi says that Indians are obsessed with Gold, and land prices have risen sharply recently.

2:33 PM EST: According to Singhi, India has 500 listed companies and 3000 of them actively trade.

2:33 PM EST: Most trading in small caps in India is uncovered. There’s great opportunities in firms valued in the $10-250 million range.

2:35 PM EST: India will add $1 trillion to its GDP in the next 3-4 years.

2:37 PM EST: Land prices around small cities in India are rising.

2:38 PM EST: There a lot of money to be made in Indian agriculture as the rural economy grows.

2:40 PM EST: India has 400 million acres of agricultural land, but the average farm in the country is just 5 acres.

2:44 PM EST: Investing in Indian agriculture is by no means a “cakewalk” according to Singhi, and those who brave the challenges will be in for “a long ride.”

2:52 PM EST: The big risk in Indian agricultural investments is rainfall. Only half of the country’s agricultural land is irrigated, and there is a threatening lack of infrastructure.

2:53 PM EST: Singhi’s pitch is a company called Greenply. The firm manufactures plywood and laminates.

2:59 PM EST: Greenply has a $170 million market cap.

3:05 PM EST: Indians will stop storing their wealth in gold and start storing it in stocks in the future making the country’s equities an attractive proposition according to Singhi.

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