American International Group, Inc. (AIG) Nets U.S. Treasury Big Profit

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From its final sale of its American International Group, Inc. (NYSE:AIG) position, the Treasury Department will gain a $7.6 billion profit, according to an agency statement.

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) Nets U.S. Treasury Big Profit

The government agency announced on Tuesday that it sold 234.2 million shares (a 15.9 percent stake) at $32.50 each, representing a discount from Monday’s $33.36 closing price on Monday.

This represented its sixth offering since the government’s 2008 rescue. The proceeds from the sale have now hit $22.7 billion, said the Treasury. Its initial position in the company came after it injected capital into it via the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to prevent a global economic collapse in 2008.

The bailout of the company grew to $182.3 billion. From A.I.G’s efforts to help pay for the rescue, it sold more than $65 billion worth of assets; Chief Executive Officer Robert Benmosche cut back on derivative positions that almost crushed the company.

But he did more than that.

Since he took over in 2009, Benmosche has also sold Asian life insurers, consumer-finance operations, and real estate to assist in repaying the rescue and simplifying A.I.G. Just this week, he made a deal to sell an 80 percent share in the company’s plane-leasing unit.

As of Sept. 30, American International Group, Inc. (NYSE:AIG) had about $550 billion in assets (AIG) vs. $1 trillion-plus at the conclusion of 2007, reported Bloomberg.

Robert Willumstad recently commented about the 2008 bailout of the company. He said to Bloomberg, “There weren’t a lot of options, let’s face it. It was controversial, it was a big risk, but one would argue today that the government got its money back and a healthy profit.”

From this recent sale, taxpayers gained about $22.7 billion from the bailout–one that had been foreseen to provide a large loss. The Treasury Department still holds A.I.G. warrants to purchase about 2.7 million shares of A.I.G. common stock. This can also be sold for a profit.

As for A.I.G., it is once again a fully private company, after having 92 percent of its shares owned by the government. At one time, A.I.G. insured 100,000 municipalities, retirement plans, and companies; it was also a counter party to some of the largest banks.

Benmosche has recently said his focus is now on global property-casualty coverage and U.S. retirement products, reported Bloomberg.

In a statement by Benmosche on Tuesday, he said, “On behalf of the 62,000 employees of A.I.G., it is my honor and privilege to thank America for giving us the opportunity to keep our promise to make America whole on its investment in A.I.G. plus a substantial profit. Thank you America. Let’s bring on tomorrow.”

American International Group, Inc. (NYSE:AIG) is up 3.94 percent, trading at $34.67.

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