Amazon’s Kindle & The New York Times Introduce Windows 8 Apps

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Amazon's Kindle & The New York Times Introduce Windows 8 Apps

There are several big companies that are making way for Windows 8 by launching mobile applications for the operating system.

During the Microsoft event today, it was announced that Amazon released their Kindle app for Windows 8. This popular app enables users to read and purchase Kindle books on their Windows-based phones or tablets. The app will be available in six languages, including English, German, French, and Spanish. The app also features Whispersync, which enables users to sync the last page read, bookmarks, notes, etc.

The New York Times also launched their app for Windows 8. This app will offer something for both subscribers and nonsubscribers. For the former, there will be an in-app authentication, and the latter can access the top news section. Of course, you don’t have to download the New York Times app on your Windows 8 device. It’s featured as a channel on the Bing News application.

What makes this NYT app special? It was designed specifically for the Windows 8 Metro-style operating system. This enables users to “pin” any section to get a glance at the headlines.

Both apps should enhance the user experience for Windows 8 users. It is a little surprising that both companies have decided to make and release apps for an operating system that may or may not succeed. On the other hand, this may prove to be a plus for Microsoft. If other companies see that Amazon and the New York Times are putting their faith into the company, they might follow suit. It’s still to early to predict the future of Windows 8, but it could become a big ticket item this season, if Microsoft plays their cards right.  I predict their tablets will sell better than expected, but I’m not too sure how their phones will fair.

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