Amazon Fire Phone: What Makes It Stand Out From Rest

Updated on, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) started shipping the Fire Phone on Friday. The device is power packed with many features that can be found on other smartphones; however, Fire Phone has some startling features apart from the basic specifications that make it unique among the crowd.  Also, the device has been listed for an entire week on the list of Best Selling Contract Cell Phones.

What make Fire Phone unique?

High-quality display, a fast processor and a high-resolution rear camera along with thousands of apps, and a lot of songs and videos are some of the common features among the smartphones. Fire Phone has a voice control system, more or less replicating Apple Inc.’s Siri, and a camera on the front that can be used for the video calls and email program that can connect to corporate mail systems.

However, what makes the Fire Phone different is that the largest online-retailer offers a free year of its Prime Service through which a user can stream video along with the discounted shipping. The offer is worth $100, and could be very useful for big Amazon customer, according to a report from the Dispatch.

There is a virtual magazine on the screen that shows large icons containing the apps that a user has used recently used such as book recently read or movies that have been recently watched. Below the carousel, there will be items related to the highlighted app or piece of content.

Amazon offering exclusive features

Users will be able to get the apps or content they frequently watch. However, all the apps in the folder will not be able to perform the same function. For such apps, Fire Phone will only highlight the links to the related apps instead of linking to content within the app.

Other exclusive features of the Fire Phone are visual and audio search app called Firefly known as Dynamic Perspective, which by analyzing the orientation of the device and user’s line of vision, can adjust the displays.

With its rear camera the phone can recognize the products by their cover, packaging or barcodes along with identifying songs, TV shows or music just by listening. The Fire Phone from Amazon can also recognize the telephone numbers, email and Web addresses from business cards, poster and other printed materials. Also, Firefly can compare the product prices or buy them from Amazon.

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