How Amazon Alexa Can Help You Find Keys And Other Items?

How Amazon Alexa Can Help You Find Keys And Other Items?
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Keys are one of the things that most often are misplaced, and you can spend precious time finding them when you’re in a hurry. However, you can easily find them if you have an Amazon device that is powered by Alexa. Even a device like the Amazon Echo, which costs just $100, can help you find your keys. In this article, we will detail how Amazon Alexa can help you find keys.

How Amazon Alexa can help you find keys?

Finding keys using Amazon Alexa is no special feature, and as we said above, you can use any Amazon Alexa device. It must be noted that you can’t use Alexa to locate the keys that you have already lost. Instead, it could help you to locate the keys the next time you lose them.

All you have to do is to let Alexa know where you are putting your keys. For instance, use a command like this: “Alexa, remember that keys to my drawer are in my briefcase.” Your Alexa device will then confirm what you want the virtual assistant to remember.

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Now, the next time you forgot where you kept the keys, you can just ask Alexa with a command, “Alexa, where did I put my drawer keys?” Alexa will provide you with the location that you previously provided it.

This is how Amazon Alexa can help you find your keys. Though it is not known how long Alexa can remember information like this, it is still worth it to save the location of your keys with Amazon’s assistant. It is not just keys you might need to find, you can also save the location of all important items that you believe you will forget over time.

What if you forgot to tell Alexa?

Having Alexa remember the location is a super useful feature if you have a habit of forgetting things or you are always in a rush. You will, however, still have to remember to tell Alexa where you are putting the item. There are a few items that Alexa can help you find even if you haven’t set a reminder, such as a smartphone.

If you are among those who will forget to even tell Alexa, then there is a solution to that also. You can attach RFID devices to the keys or any item that you don’t want to lose. Alexa will then help you find these items even if you haven’t told Alexa to remember their location.

You can easily buy these RFID devices from Amazon, where plenty of options are available. These devices are easy to use as well. You can attach these devices to keys, backpacks, wallets or any other item. After you have put on the tracker, open the Alexa app and go to Menu, then Skills and Games. From here, search for your RFID device and once you find it, tap it and select Enable to Use.

Now, the next time you forget your keys (or anything else to which you attached the RFID device), you can ask “Alexa, ask [name of RFID device] to find my keys.”

How to find phone using Alexa?

As we said above, you can use your Amazon Alexa device to find your smartphone even if you haven’t set any reminder. Yes, it is true, but for that, you have to enable a setting option and that is Alexa Calling.

It is a free feature and the technical name is Alexa-to-Alexa Calling and Messaging. The feature allows you to call an Echo device, leave a voice message, or even send a text-based message. This feature uses Wi-Fi and mobile data, and does not depend on the user’s talk plan.

To enable the Alexa Calling feature, open the Alexa app and go to the Conversations tab using the bottom menu. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. You can also use Alexa Voice Profile to get a personalized experience.

Talking of how to locate the phone, the easiest way is to ask Alexa to call you. Provided you have enabled the Alexa Calling feature, the assistant will call your number. If others in the family also use the same Echo device, then the voice profile will help the Assistant to identify who is talking and then call the right person.

All you have to say is “Alexa, find my phone” or “Alexa, call my phone.”

This way, Amazon Alexa can help you find your phone. However, do make sure that the phone is not on silent, and if the phone is only on vibrate, you will have to listen very carefully.

Other ways that Alexa can help you to find your phone is using the Find My Phone skill. To use this, go to the Alexa app on your phone, open the Skills and Games tab and search for Find My Phone. Now, enable this and set it up. Then there is the IFTTT technique, but it is complicated and also not needed if Alexa Calling is enabled.

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