Altum Faith-Led Index Beats Underlying Benchmark Over 3 Years

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The Altum Catholic Values European Index three-year track record shows it outperforming the Solactive Europe 600 Index, which tracks the 600 largest companies in the European market, and outperforming since inception as it heads towards its 5th year anniversary.

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Performance Of The Altum Index

The metrics are significant for Catholic minded investors, for they show total return of 14.38% vs 12.84% over three years. Since inception 1 February 2017, the Altum index has outperformed the Solactive index by 1.2%. Annual performance in 2020 was 2.43% vs -2.06% for the benchmark, further demonstrating to faith-based investors, that they can align with Catholic investing guidelines without sacrificing performance.

The Catholic Values European Index has been developed by Altum using guidelines set out in Catholic literature such as the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Pastoral Letters, Doctrinal Documents and the socially responsible investment guidelines published by the Conferences of Catholic Bishops and other Catholic Religious Institutions. Altum has taken this body of literature, and created its guidelines, which it publishes for all investors to see on its website.

Altum then uses those guidelines to filter the 600 companies to identify only those that comply with its Catholic Investment Guidelines. Since inception in 2017, the Index has returned 10.08% annually versus 8.88% of its benchmark.

The Index is calculated as a Price Return (PR) version in EUR. The Index is equally weighted; this decision was taken for ethical reasons to give every company the same opportunities and avoid discriminating by market capitalization size or business type.

1M 6M YTD 1Y 3Y Inception
Total Return 0.91% 8.28% 44.48% 36.25% 14.38% 10.08%
Benchmark 1.91% 8.85% 41.84% 33.97% 12.84% 8.88%

Source: Solactive, data to 25 October 2021.

2017 2018 2019 2020
Total Return 16.49% -14.29% 29.97% 2.43%
Benchmark 12.05% -11.10% 28.30% -2.06%

Source: Solactive, data to 25 October 2021.

Notes to Editors

Further details on the Altum Catholic Values European Index are available at:

About Altum Faithful Investing

Altum is a faith-based financial advisory firm whose investment philosophy – its approach to investing – is closely aligned to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The firm offers consultancy and financial management services to religious institutions, foundations, civil entities and family offices that have a Catholic sensitivity around the management of financial assets.

It aims to help ensure clients’ wealth is managed professionally and consistently so that their clients’ investments do not conflict with their Catholic beliefs.

Altum is the first investment advisory firm anywhere in the world to obtain the Social Enterprise Mark accreditation.

You can discover more about Altum from their website: