A Big List of Alternative Investment Accounts On Twitter


A Big List of Alternative Investment Folks on Twitter by Attain Capital

Looks like this is sort of a thing now… saying here’s a list of 10, 50, 106 “must follows” on twitter, just as we’ve seen with Business Insider’s “106 Finance People You Have to Follow on Twitter”, BrightScope’s “25 Most Socially Influential Advisors”, and so forth.

But there doesn’t seem to be a list we could find of alternative investment folks, and specifically those focused on commodities, managed futures, and global macro strategies. The more we dug into why that is… the more we found a big hole where all of the people in the alternative investment space should be… There just aren’t that many of the 1000s of commodity trading advisors out there sharing their views on twitter.

Come on guys… it’s 2014!!  Time to join the party and show the world just how smart, funny, sarcastic, and charismatic us futures folk can be.  Twitter isn’t about telling the world what you had for lunch like we all feared back in 2010. It’s the modern day business card. It’s a 24/7 virtual conference where you’re simultaneously talking with hundreds if not thousands of people – it’s the new frontier where wit wins! So go on over and sign up and start making us smarter… or at least making us laugh.

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In the meantime, here’s our compilation of people and firms currently out there on twitter (in no particular order, despite the numbering)  providing the latest insight, humor, debate, and news on investments – especially the alternative kind:

  1. @AttainCapital – of course… it’s our list!


  1. @Cimmerian999 – Cliff Asness (AQR)
  2. @JaffrayW – Jaffray Woodriff (QIM)
  3. @rjparkerjr09 – Jerry Parker (Chesapeake Capital)
  4. @VicNiederhoffer
  5. @AllJimRogers – All commodities, all the time
  6. @CovenantCap
  7. @LJMPartners
  8. @KatmaiCapital 
  9. @AuspiceCapital
  10. @QbasisInvest
  11. @Bluenose_CTA
  12. @ClarkeCapital
  13. @stengercap
  14. @mmelissinos – Michael Melissinos (Eupatrid Commodity)
  15. @TrendFollower9 –Andrew Abraham CTA
  16. @TyphonCapital
  17. @amphicapital
  18. @QuantumPeakCap 
  19. @LakshmiCapital
  20. @AGManagedFut
  21. @ManagedFutureUK

Interesting Alternative Investment Folks

  1. @Covel – Michael Covel – President and Founder of Trend Following firm—Best Selling Author
  2. @JBoorman — Jon Boorman, CMT – Avid Tweeter. Calls markets like they are. Believer in Trend Following. Enough said.
  3. @nntaleb — Nassim N. Taleb – Author & Developer of Black Swan Theory
  4. @jackschwager — Jack Schwager – Co founder of FundSeeder.com
  5. @MebFaber – Author, Founder & CIO Cambria Funds, and launched an ETF
  6. @JohnFMauldin – Strong belief in educating investors as to what drives the global economy.
  7. @PeterLBrandt – Been in the Biz since 1976. Considered one of the greats when it comes to classic trading books. Included in the Top 30 most influential people in finance by Barry Ritholtz. Runs a blog. We could all learn a thing or two from him.
  8. @mark_dow – Runs the Behavioral Macro Blog — Hedge Fund Manager
  9. @FatF1nger – Provides some interesting commentary and charts on the futures markets.
  10. @PlattsOil- Everything you ever wanted to know (and then some) about the energy markets.
  11. @JezLiberty – All about Automated Trading Systems, Trend Following, and blogging about the two.
  12. @ScottChantigny — Always on top of Alternative, Managed Futures, and Trend Following news
  13. @AlpineAdvisor – Jeffrey Dow Jones (yes that is his name) helps investors with their portfolios, and uses education material similar to Attain to educate about portfolio construction.
  14. @FuturesTrader71 –If you’ve ever followed the Emini S&P contract, you’re already very aware of FuturesTrader71. He provides daily insight on the emini market and engages with followers about the market as it’s happening.
  15. @MarkMelin  –Mark Melin – Alternative Investment Practitioner, Value Walk contributor, Provides Commentary on Managed Futures
  16. @David_Stendahl  — Focuses on trading the global futures markets from a 100% systematic perspective.
  17. @MissTrade – Matt Davio – Heads up Market Profile Trading Academy
  18. @EmanuelDerman – The Derivative Relations Between the Emotions and Pain, Pleasure, and Desire
  19. @pointsnfigures  –Jeffrey Carter – Former Trader – Interesting Commentary
  20. @jacobbunge – Ag reporter for WSJ
  21. @shorecap – Mark Shore – Adjuct Professors at Depaul – Educating on Managed Futures and writes for CBOE & Eurex
  22. @JLyonsFundMgmt – Dana Lyons – New Yahoo! Contributor — RIA and founder of My401kPro.com

Futures Exchanges

  1. @CMEGroup
  2. @CBOE
  3. @ICE_Markets
  4. @LME_news
  5. @DubaiMercantile


  1. @NFA_News
  2. @CFTC
  3. @AIMA
  4. @MFA_Updates
  5. @theniba
  6. @CAIAAssociation
  7. @ArthurBellCPAs
  8. @CQGInc
  9. @Trading_Tech
  10. @iBroker — The simple, intuitive app for trading Futures, Forex & Futures Options wherever you are…
  11. @jameskoutoulas  — White shoes advocate, CEO of a CTA, on Board of Directors for NFA, President of CCC. All other times, you’ll find his thoughts on twitter.
  12. @JohnLRoeCommodity Customer Coalition CO-Founder

Alternative Investment News:

  1. @opalesque
  2. @FuturesMagazine
  3. @JLNMF
  4. @DailyAlts
  5. @JohnLothian
  6. @MarketsWiki
  7. @CTAIntelligence
  8. @AllAboutAlpha
  9. @gate39media
  10. @HedgeFundTV
  11. @HedgeWorld
  12. @Open_Markets
  13. @researchpuzzler
  14. @AlephBlog

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