Alaska Is America’s Hardest Working State, Utah… Not So Much

Alaska Is America’s Hardest Working State, Utah… Not So Much
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Research from Ezra, the leading provider of digital coaching has found that Alaska is the hardest working state in America, with Alaskans working nearly six days more a year than the average American.

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Alaska Tops As The Hardest Working State

Ezra’s research shows that, on average, Americans are clocking 1,864.8 per year when it comes to work. However, the American work ethic differs drastically from one state to the next.

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Alaska ranks top as the hardest working state, with the average Alaskan working 2,001.6 hours a year, 136.8 hours (or 5.7 days) more than the average American.

In contrast, Utah is the state clocking the fewest hours in the workplace each year at just 1,780.8. Residents of Utah are working 84 hours a year less than the average American and a notable 220.8 hours (or 9.2 days) fewer than the average Alaskan.

Where else ranks as the hardest working states of American? The average person in North Dakota works 1,939.2 hours a year, 74.4 more than the national average.

Wyoming (1,934.4), Texas (1,920), Oklahoma (1,910.4), Louisiana (1,905.6) are also some of the hardest-working states, clocking more than 40 additional hours a year when compared to the national average.

South Dakota (1,900.8), Arkansas (1,900.8), Nebraska (1,896) and Mississippi (1,891.2) also rank within the top 10.

At the other end of the work ethic rankings, the average worker in both Oregon and Vermont works an average of 1,819.2 hours a year, 45.6 less than the average American. Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Montana, Connecticut, California, Michigan and Minnesota also clock some of the lowest total hours worked a year.

The Number Of Hours Worked

Founder of Ezra, Nick Goldberg, commented:

“Data will always provide a black and white view of the world and so it’s important that when using it to form the basis of any decision, you do so with a wider level of influence than the numbers alone.

On paper, Alaska is the hardest working state in America, but the reality is that people in Utah aren’t lazy or work-shy in comparison and there are a whole host of factors at play that can influence the number of hours worked.

These can range from different working cultures or influences of a predominant industry within the state, the average age of the population, the average pay and much much more.”

Location Average hours worked per year State average vs National average
Alaska 2001.6 136.8
North Dakota 1939.2 74.4
Wyoming 1934.4 69.6
Texas 1920 55.2
Oklahoma 1910.4 45.6
Louisiana 1905.6 40.8
South Dakota 1900.8 36.0
Arkansas 1900.8 36.0
Nebraska 1896 31.2
Mississippi 1891.2 26.4
Georgia 1891.2 26.4
Tennessee 1886.4 21.6
North Carolina 1886.4 21.6
West Virginia 1881.6 16.8
Kansas 1881.6 16.8
Colorado 1881.6 16.8
Virginia 1881.6 16.8
Alabama 1872 7.2
South Carolina 1872 7.2
Indiana 1872 7.2
Kentucky 1867.2 2.4
Iowa 1867.2 2.4
Florida 1867.2 2.4
Missouri 1867.2 2.4
Maryland 1867.2 2.4
Arizona 1862.4 -2.4
Wisconsin 1862.4 -2.4
Delaware 1862.4 -2.4
Nevada 1862.4 -2.4
Pennsylvania 1857.6 -7.2
Washington 1857.6 -7.2
New Jersey 1857.6 -7.2
Ohio 1852.8 -12.0
New Hampshire 1852.8 -12.0
Illinois 1852.8 -12.0
Hawaii 1852.8 -12.0
Idaho 1848 -16.8
New York 1843.2 -21.6
New Mexico 1838.4 -26.4
Maine 1838.4 -26.4
Minnesota 1838.4 -26.4
Michigan 1838.4 -26.4
California 1838.4 -26.4
Connecticut 1833.6 -31.2
Montana 1828.8 -36.0
Massachusetts 1828.8 -36.0
Rhode Island 1824 -40.8
Vermont 1819.2 -45.6
Oregon 1819.2 -45.6
Utah 1780.8 -84.0
Average American 1864.8 N/A

Source: Ezra

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