Coffee On The Go

Coffee On The Go

Anyone who loves both travelling and good coffee will already know the pains associated with getting a decent cup of airline coffee. It can be difficult to find a cup of coffee that is made to your taste in many hotels and hostels around the world.

This can be a combination of bad machinery, cheap coffee and the actual brewing process.

It stands to reason that for many of us who enjoy travelling, we cherish that last cup or two of coffee in the airport before we board our flights.

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After all, airline coffee isn’t much better than the stuff served in cheap hotels right? Especially if you’re in an economy seat. It’s all instant freeze dried stuff made with questionable water. Isn’t it?

The good news is that bad airline coffee is, for the most part, a thing of the past. As travelling has become so much cheaper in recent years, and therefore is available to a lot more people, demands for better standards of food and drinks on board has become a priority.

Like with any business, consumers vote with their wallets, and if airlines want to sell plenty of refreshments, those refreshments have to be good enough that people are willing (if not happy exactly) to pay the hugely marked up prices.

It only takes one airline to set a trend, and the others find they must follow if they want to be able to keep up. As air travel becomes more widely used for everything from business trips to family holidays, airlines are in stronger competition against each other than ever before. And it can be something as simple as one airline having a decent coffee available and the others not that makes people choose who to fly with.

With that in mind, Dripped Coffee decided to investigate the top forty-four airlines in the world to find out what coffee you can expect to be served on their flights. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the brands available, and the wide range of choices available that prove that airlines really are taking their customer’s wants seriously and looking for the best brand of coffee to serve to their customers.

Check out the infographic below to find out which coffee you will be served on each of the forty-four major airlines flying around the world today – you can be sure that you will get another good cup of coffee before you touch down in your destination!

coffee served on 44 airlines Airline Coffee cup of coffee

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