Adobe Introduces Photoshop App For Android Users

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Adobe just introduced a free Photoshop app for Android. The new app is one of the many free apps offered by Adobe, including Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC and Color CC. All the apps are on Android for free. Adobe already offers the app for free through iOS.

Adobe expands for Android

Adobe’s editing apps help create new designs. Umang Bedi, managing director for Adobe Systems India, added:

“We have also introduced creative sync which allows access and sharing of files across desktop, mobile and tablets. With this feature, people can work in collaboration with each other on a file and while on the move.”

The tech company also recently unveiled Adobe Character Animator. This neat tool uses human action to create animated movements using a web camera. It works when a person sits in front of the camera and acts out the motions they want to see from the animated character. Thanks to this, there is no need for tedious program actions.

Another exciting feature called Dehaze was also demonstrated. It instantly recognizes haze in photos and clears it up. The feature is now found in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Adobe removes app from the App Store

Last month, Adobe announced plans to get rid of Photoshop Touch from the App Store. The company wants to maintain the focus on Creative Cloud apps as it boasts over 50 apps in the iTunes App Store. Adobe opened up about its plans to create a retouch solution specifically for smartphones and tablet computers. The project is called Project Rigel, and it will offer a variety of retouching features. Bryan O’Neil Hughes (product manager for Adobe) shared a preview of the program in the form of an iPad simulation video. He showed that the feature allows users to warp, pucker and bloat images.

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