The Activist Strategy newsletter is a premium newsletter with insider news, tips and strategies for generating actionable ideas.

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  • A premium daily email delivered when the market opens, with news, exclusive identification of activist targets, deep dives, catalyst watch list updates, and top stories on activist investing.
  • Weekend email with a write-up on an interesting topic in activist investing and weekly recap on activist happenings.
  • Catalyst watchlist that is updated multiple times a week and includes 50-100 ideas for stocks that are rumored to be an activist or buyout target.
  • Exclusives include ad hoc analysis, precog features for identifying potential activist targets, deep dive analysis into high conviction activist targets and more.
  • Catalog of past work, which is a rich database of analysis on various activist targets stocks and event-driven ideas.
  • Quarterly newsletter that covers 25 of the top activist investors, providing activist investing insights and connections, as well as activist hedge fund portfolios.

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