A Few Important Website Announcements

A Few Important Website Announcements

A few website announcements:

1. Value Walk  hit 50k impressions a month, up from 25k in January, this is a huge milestone for the site. I want to thank all the regular visitors, and the new visitors for helping me reach this great milestone. Not to brag (okay maybe a little), but this is especially impressive for a value oriented website. I personally think less than 10% of the general population can have the mentality to invest in value stocks. Value Walk is also attracting high net worth individuals, many analysts/PMs etc.

2. Anyone who visited the website as recently as a few months ago can see that there has been a website redesign. While the design is not 100% complete it is 90% done. I want to thank my host and website designer, Guru of Weneca.com. He provided me hosting for several months for free, offered me a great price for a redesign, and is always quick to get back to me. If anyone needs hosting or webdesign I highly recommend him. He is based in America so the hours are better for most readers of this site, who mostly come from America and Canada.

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3. I have been updating the resource pages lately. These include the Value Investors Resource Page , where I put up detailed resource pages about current and former value investors. The latest one I have completed is on The David Einhorn Resource Page. I also have updated the Timeless Reading . I plan on focusing more in the future on developing these resource pages, rather than articles. If I do a stock write-up (I plan on doing at least one personally a month) it takes several days to write  and in two years from now can become rather pointless i.e. company is entirely different, take over, M&A, bankruptcy, valuation is no longer attractive etc.

With these resource pages I plan on having quality content that can last a lifetime. People still read the Benjamin Graham partnership letters from 1946. This is my goal with building out the content on my site. I also have a google news feed on the value investor pages so you can get the latest articles on them. Additionally, I will be updating them every few months.

This does not mean I will not be writing articles. I will still be writing articles, and syndicating articles from some of our excellent contributors. However, I will be putting more time into the resource pages and will always announce when a new one is complete. Rest assured, I plan on having at least one new quality article a day, and hopefully more than that.

4. I have been getting a lot of comments on Twitter and my personal email. This is fine, however, for both timesake and to have interesting comments on the site I urge readers to post their comments here, rather than on twitter or by email. If you wish to ask a personal question feel free to email me and I will treat the email with 100% confidentiality. On that note I am very close to 1k followers, if you wish to follow me on Twitter, click on the following link-http://twitter.com/#!/valuewalk. I plan on tweeting less in the future, and focusing more on investment links.

5. I have a bunch of interviews coming up. One of them is a really big name, however, I have a policy of no longer pre-announcing interviews, since there have been a couple of cases where the person reneged on the interview. I also like to keep the interview a secret to create more suspense.

6. While I syndicate some content from other sites, my content will no longer be syndicated on any other sites. All articles I write on this site are unique in content. Anything I personally write on Value Walk, will only appear on Value Walk. I do have partial syndication feed on sites like http://www.valueinvestingnews.com/. I will still be writing some articles that will appear exclusively on Guru Focus, if you wish to read them, you can find them at the following link-http://www.gurufocus.com/news.php?author=Jacob+Wolinsky

7. People have wondered how the sunday link-fest works. I have planned on explaining it but never got to it. I try to get the best investment articles of the week. In the past I included interesting stories on politics, tech and other topics, but since I see little intrest, going forward I will only be posting good stock ideas and interesting finance/economic related articles.  All the links I post are articles that appeared in the past week (unlike some other link-fests (not that there is anything wrong with that)). There are hundreds of good articles every week but I try to limit the link-fest to 30 articles. I try to post my favorite articles of the week towards the top, but after that it is in no particular oder.

Additionally, Consuelo Mack usually has very good interviewees. If it is a top interview like the one with David Einhorn a few months ago, it will go before the links. If it is an okay interview I will post the links, and put the Consuelo Mack interview at the end of the article.

Those are all the announcements I can think of now, if I think of important ones in the future I will post them. On that last note, I have been very busy in my personal and business life, but I plan to spend as much time as possible to make this a great site for all readers.

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