50 Cent Declares Bankruptcy, Starts Throwing Cash In Strip Club

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The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, admitted to an open court that he threw wads of banknotes into the air at a strip club.

50 Cent was questioned about his alleged extravagance in court. Lawyers asked the rapper whether he had thrown wads of cash around in a strip club right after filing for bankruptcy, writes Libby Kane for Business Insider.

Lawsuits impact 50 Cent’s finances, but to what extent?

Jackson filed for bankruptcy after losing two lawsuits, one of which was filed by a woman whose sex tape he distributed online. Lawyers for Lastonia Leviston have accused the rapper of filing for bankruptcy simply because he doesn’t want to pay up, rather than the fact that he has no money.

The strip club incident was one in a string of events which made lawyers question whether the rapper was actually suffering financial difficulties. 50 Cent argued that the strip club visit was part of a series of planned events aimed at generating interest in his brand.

The rapper calls the plan his “grand activations,” which may or may not be a made up term.

Rapper admits throwing money around in strip club

Business Insider got their hands on the court transcript, and it makes for entertaining reading. The lawyer asks: “was it right after you filed this petition for reorganization that you went to a strip club and threw wads of cash up in the air?”

50 Cent replies that he “had to attend a strip club because it was already on the itinerary prior to that.” Not to be deterred from his line of questioning, the lawyer presses on. “You threw money up in the air. Kept throwing money up in the air, right?” he continued, to which 50 Cent replied simply: “I did.”

It’s perfectly plausible for a famous musician to fall on hard times due to financial mismanagement, but if you are going to plead poverty in court it might be best not to continue living a lavish lifestyle, at least for a little while.

Of course 50 Cent might be filing for bankruptcy to protect other assets, and we may soon find out the true state of his finances in court.

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