5 Great Ways Lawyers Can Get Clients From Instagram

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If lawyers are looking for new ways to target clients, it’s worth looking at Instagram. Not only is it one of the biggest social media platforms around, but it’s full of people who get into legal trouble all the time.

Instead of competing with other law firms by paying more for ads and backlinks, it’s possible to use creativity to beat the competition. Here are some great ways to build your followers and acquire new clients.

Create A Custom Landing Page

When most businesses add a link in their Instagram bio, it sends people directly to the homepage, which won’t get you lots of clients. Instead, you should create a custom landing page for everyone coming from Instagram.

Say hello to your Instagram visitors, give them some information about your company, and ask for their email addresses. Mass Tsang Toronto DUI lawyers could tell people how they’ll get them off a drunk driving charge.

Crafting Your Copy Carefully

If you’re running your own Instagram page, read a few copywriting books. It’s nice when followers enjoy your photos, plus it will increase your follower count. Just don’t forget what you’re trying to do.

You want your followers to turn into paying clients, so you’ll need to send them over to your website. You’ll also need to build up trust over time. It’s easy to create compelling captions when you’re a good copywriter.

Post Photos Of Your Lawyers

Some businesses don’t like to get too personal because they think it’s unprofessional, so they’ll stick to posting anything but their employees. It’s not a good strategy to use, even if your law firm caters to rich clients.

It’s much easier to build a relationship with people when you post personal photos. Even if followers don’t know you personally, they’ll feel like they do. It’s why they’ll be more likely to hire you in the future.

Schedule Your Posts In Advance

There are a couple of reasons why you should schedule posts in advance. One of the best ways to succeed on Instagram is by posting consistently, which is tough when you’re a lawyer because it gets really busy at times.

You’ve also got to post at the best time for your business, which you’ll be able to test out. Maybe you won’t be available when it’s time to post, but when you load posts into an app, it will do it for you automatically.

Creating User Generated Content

Once you start getting a few clients from Instagram, ask if they’ll post about their legal win on the platform. You know they already have an account because it’s how they found you, and I’m sure they won’t mind promoting you.

It works well because the people following them will live close to your business, plus friends and family are more likely to listen to them. Once someone posts something, you can help promote it for better results.

It’s Worth Testing Out

You won’t need to start posting on Instagram if you’re fully booked, but if you want to grow your business, it’s worth spending some time on it.