3D Systems Corporation Working With U.S. Marine Corps

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3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) is already working with the Department of Defense on a program to 3D print components for the T-Hawk unmanned micro air-vehicle and the Join Strike Fighter. Now the 3D printing company has forged another important partnership. 3D Systems announced Monday that it would provide its 3D printing, scanning and inspection technology to the U.S. Marine Corps for their annual US Marine Corps Expeditionary Logistics WarGame.

Engineers to use 3D Systems’ tools during simulation operations

The annual event enables the Marine Corps to incorporate new technologies that help enhance the Corps’ supply chain and logistics response capabilities. At this year’ WarGame, the Marine Corps engineers will be required to use 3D Systems’ advanced scanning, metal printing, CAD and accuracy checking tools to repair damaged equipment in the field, quickly.

Engineers will have to use these tools in a simulation to repair two components of a tactical multipurpose robot, which is used to clean up debris in an area so that a helicopter can be landed. Using 3D Systems’ scanner, engineers will create CAD models of the damaged components. And then they will have to fabricate copies of the damaged parts through the Rock Hill-based company’s metal printing and selective laser sintering printers.

3D Systems could help the Marine Corps save time and lives

Once the components have been printed, Marine Corps engineers will use the Geomagic Control software to inspect the newly printed components and make sure that they are accurate fits. In real-life military operations, when a piece of equipment gets damaged, the Marines have to wait until components used for its repair arrive in the battle field.

The Marine Corps planners believe that using advanced 3D printing and scanning systems could save them precious time, and even lives. Vice Admiral Cullom said the new capabilities to quickly repair tools when and where they are needed will transform the U.S. maritime maintenance and logistics supply chain.

3D Systems shares jumped 1.33% to close at $51.04 on Monday.


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