3D Systems Corporation To Host Webinar On Direct Metal Printing

3D Systems Corporation To Host Webinar On Direct Metal Printing

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) announced a new webinar dubbed as Metal Technology, Inc. and English Racing Push the Envelope with Direct Metal Printing, which will held on Tuesday July 22, 2014. The webinar is aimed towards discussing the way in which technicians from English Racing and engineers from Metal Technology (MTI) materialized an idea into reality by using 3D Systems product.

3D Systems ProX 300- a savior for English Racing

English Racing is a Washington state based company, which tunes and races high-performance cars. Mitsubishi Evo suffered exceeding oil pressure limitations at high RPMs, a problem that took a toll on several engines. The company was not able to test its cost-extensive and time-consuming casting engineering solution, which is why they went to MTI in Albany, Oregon for a solution. MTI used its ProX 300 Direct Metal Printer from 3D Systems to print the required parts.

“Prior to 3D printed metal components, the costs of designing and fabricating ‘one-off’ or small lots of parts or components was prohibitive in most cases,” said Gary Cosmer, CEO of MTI. Cosmer added that 3D Systems innovated a new way in which lighter components, and one with better performance could be made as there is no limit on the complexity.

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Making engineer’s job easy

According to Cosmer, engineers can now successfully design the exact component they need without worrying “whether it’s possible to manufacture it.” The executive, also, said that ProX 300 is used to print parts that cannot be made another way.

English Racing suggested an innovative idea to resolve the problem using a new pulley with a larger diameter, which would turn slower and bring down the oil pressure. With the help of ProX 300, MTI was able to print the part in just 5 hours and installed it in 3 days, which was ready to run for the test on the tracks.

After three months, the English Racing team tested the new part at the Pikes Peak ½-mile top-speed event, and bagged top spot in the Sedan Class speeding 184.9 miles per hour.

Zach, Technician & Tuner for the English Racing Team said that the car is running successfully on the track, and the “re-engineered part, printed quickly and easily in metal, is truly a winner for us.”

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