3D Systems Corporation Helps Our 4-Legged Friends Walk Again

3D Systems Corporation Helps Our 4-Legged Friends Walk Again

3D Systems is coming up with more and more ways to use 3D printed technology. The company plans to offer 3D printed bands for the Apple Watch, which will be released next month, but that’s not all. 3D Systems is also credited with helping create a special knee implant for dogs.

The company also announced the creation of a new architectural structure this week.

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3D Systems helps man’s best friend

Lyndsey Gilpin of Tech Republic reports that 3D Systems partnered with Rita Leibinger Medical to create the knee implants for man’s best friend. Together, the two companies created the implants to solve a common problem involving the ligaments in a dog’s hind legs.

So far about 10,000 dogs have received the implants and are now up and running again. The 3D printed implants enable the dogs to begin walking about six weeks after they have their surgeries. The implants also streamline the process for veterinarians by fixing the problem within the knee without requiring the vet to actually fix the ligament.

3D Systems and Rita Leibinger Medical are working to create different sizes of the implants for smaller dogs and also cats, as well as other implants. They hope to make their implants available commercially soon. 3D Systems put together a video showing the dogs that benefited from its knee implants. We have embedded that video below.

3D Systems unveils Bloom

Zacks Equity Research reported this week that 3D Systems also teamed up with the University of California, Berkeley, which uses its 3D printers. The 3D printer manufacturer has now created a 3D printed architectural structure it is calling Bloom.

The university used 3D Systems’ printer to create a massive monument that is 12 feet wide, 12 feet deep and 9 feet high. Researchers combined polymers with fiber and cement to create the lightweight monument, which has applications in the architectural industries. Architects could use the printer to create 3D models of their projects plans.

3D Systems also recently announced a partnership with Henry Schein and NIH. In spite of how quickly the company is moving to innovate in the 3D printing industry, however, Zacks analysts have a Strong Sell rating on the company’s stock.

As of this writing, shares of 3D Systems were up by 0.47% at $27.68 per share.

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