Zilliqa: Making a competitive play to capture the ASEAN Open Finance Market

Independent market strategy and research firm, Fundstrat has released a report on Zilliqa, the high-performance, high-security blockchain platform, unpacking the value and potential of its OpFi ambitions. Entitled Zilliqa: Making a Competitive Play to Capture the ASEAN Open Finance Market, the report highlights the immense potential of the ASEAN OpFi ecosystem, representing a $7.2 billion opportunity for businesses like Zilliqa to tap into by 2025.

As part of the push towards a more open and inclusive financial ecosystem, the report points to a slew of initiatives introduced by Zilliqa to further bolster the region’s OpFi space across a broad range of DLT-based financial services spanning payments, remittances, lending, investing, and insurance. Delivering financial applications through open APIs and new data access models, Fundstrat argues that Zilliqa’s sharded DLT, valued for its high transaction throughput, is optimised for businesses to leverage cloud-based solutions to build, deploy, and use apps, smart contracts, and other blockchain functions.

In addition, the report also highlights ecosystem-centric initiatives such as the ZILHive Accelerator programme which seeks to help startups scale their business and grow within the Zilliqa ecosystem, while the launch of the ZILHive OpFi consortium is poised to foster a more collaborative blockchain ecosystem within the ASEAN OpFi space.

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Key takeaways from the report include:

  • Enterprises within the Zilliqa ecosystem could be worth $3.6 billion in 2025 by capturing 10% of ASEAN OpFi, with companies in the company’s DLT ecosystem generating $722 million in revenue according to base model forecasts.

  • Zilliqa’s DLT network is projected to be valued at $3.9 billion, with the ZIL token reaching an estimated value of $0.22 by 2025.

  • Zilliqa Research is projected to account for $118 million in revenue and valued at $590 million by 2025.