Steve Dickson On 737 Max: Impossibility Of Having The Same Crash

CNBC Excerpts: CNBC Exclusive: FAA Administrator Steve Dickson speaks with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” today on impossibility of having the same crash that occured in Boeing 737 Max

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FAA chief Steve Dickson says conditions that occurred in two fatal Boeing 737 Max are now 'impossible'

Steve Dickson On Work Left To Do On The 737 Max

DICKSON: This is not the end of this safety journey there is a lot of work that the airlines, and the FAA and Boeing will have to do in the coming weeks and months, but we are entering a new phase with respect to the 737 Max.

Dickson On Impossibility Of Having The Same Crash

DICKSON: Well Phil, this airplane, the work that we have done with the design changes and the training changes that will be made to the operators and the training that the pilots will be undergoing makes it impossible for the airplanes to have the same kind of accident that unfortunately killed 346 people.

Dickson On Victims’ Families And FAA Boeing Relationship

DICKSON: The families, the victims in these crashes, have been foremost in my thoughts and foremost in the thoughts and prayers of everyone at the FAA for the last 20 months as we have gone through this effort. I can tell you that I am 100% confident in the actions that we have taken the design changes that have been put in place with the 737 Max, and I would put my own family on it. And, you know, I understand the concerns, and this is a time to certainly for, for humility. This is not the old FAA relationship with Boeing we have reset that relationship. And we will continue to have a very safety focused and compliance focused relationship with Boeing and all manufacturers, going forward.

Dickson Says He Would Put His Own Family On It

DICKSON: Again, I would put my own family on it, I plan to fly on it myself, but the public will certainly have to make its decisions, but I believe that it is a safe aircraft, it meets our safety and certification standards and I will stand behind that.