Guardian Angels Increase Safety Patrols to Prevent Election Day Rioting

Curtis Sliwa: Guardian Angels Increase Safety Patrols to Prevent Election Day Rioting and Looting

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Guardian Angels to deploy nationwide, including NYC, Washington, DC, Portland, Chicago, Denver, Tampa, Baltimore, and Cleveland. 

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Guardian Angels Increase Safety Patrols

Over 4000 Guardian Angels, a non-profit crime prevention organization, are gearing up throughout the U.S. for possible rioting and unrest in the wake of Tuesday’s election.

“We will be in the streets because we anticipate, one side or the other may not be happy with the outcome of Nov. 3,” Curtis Sliwa, the organization's founder, said.

“The Guardian Angels will be protecting cities against rioters, violent protestors, and militias, who may be planning on capitalizing on protests on Election Day,” he added.

This comes as businesses have already started to board up their windows in anticipation of the unrest.

“More importantly, we know that there are thugs who have no political identity who may take advantage of the situation and riot and loot again as they did in June. We stood in their way in NYC, and we are prepared to do it again with our Guardian Angel Chapters nationwide,” Sliwa said.

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Guardian Angels attacked during looting in NYC, June 2020 -
video credit/
John Nacion Imaging 

About The Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels have become integrated into the fabric of the community. Since 1979, the non-profit, New York City-based group has been responsible for creating hundreds of safety patrol chapters throughout the United States and worldwide.

Formed by Curtis Sliwa and 12 dedicated volunteers in New York City, the "Magnificent 13" rode the subways to conduct safety patrols.

Safety Patrols have been the heart and soul of the Guardian Angels since its inception. Patrol volunteers are thoroughly trained in the protection of self and others while regularly patrolling their communities.