Which Email Marketing Platforms Are Best?

Which Email Marketing Platforms Are Best?

Marketing professionals have quite a variety of options to choose from when it comes to email marketing platforms. In a recent study, it was found that email engagement is the top metric 90% of marketing professionals use to measure their content performance, and email is 59% of marketing professionals’ number one source of ROI. To be exact, there’s a 4,400% ($45) ROI for every $1 brands spend on email marketing. As a result, email marketing has gone on to acquire 40x more customers than Facebook and Twitter campaigns combined.

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Shoppers Love Email Marketing Platforms

In fact, shoppers love it. After receiving an exclusive email offer, shoppers are prone to spend 136% more with a brand. Perhaps this is why email newsletters are 31% of marketing professionals' best way to nurture leads. In fact with that, email newsletters are the most used form of content marketing. 81% of industry professionals use this as a primary form of sales and promotional communication.

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However, only 21.33% of marketing emails are opened by viewers. On top of that, just 2.62% of readers click for more information when a marketer provides a link in their email. Yet, the current percentage for marketing emails marked as spam is 13.5%. Could this be an issue with your email's delivery?

Remember: your email contacts are people, too. Are you only reaching out regarding business, or do you include alternative information - or extend opportunities to connect? If not, now is the time to start doing so. On top of making sure your email subject lines are personal, ensure they are brief - no more than 10 words or 60 characters - and be vividly direct.

Testing Subject Lines

You can even give your subject lines a test if there is more than one you're interested in trying out. A/B testing can help you learn which variation of subject lines your customers prefer, which can be a monumental stepping stone in helping you find a more personable and direct approach to emailing your recipients.

All in all, there are many ways to achieve email marketing success. By mastering how to avoid spam complaints, increase click rates, and increase email open rates, you can achieve even more success.

Knowing this, be ready to be engaged, keep your emails simple, keep your emails memorable, and keep your emails fun. Overall, email marketing can make or break a campaign. By 2024, more than 361 billion emails will be sent each day. In other words, email is just entering its prime. There's no arguing the importance of email communication when it comes to marketing. With that being said, what are your best tips for sending promotional content on the internet?

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