Activists Tell Uber “Cheaters” Don’t Get to Write Their Own Rules

“Cheaters Don’t Get to Write Their Own Rules” – After Appeals Court Orders Uber, Lyft to Follow the Law – Rideshare Drivers Urge Voters to Reject App Company’s Attempt at Exploiting Workers by Voting NO on Prop 22

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Stop The Cheaters From Writing Their Own Law With Prop 22

Sacramento, CA — After last night’s appeals court ruling that ordered Uber and Lyft  to comply with existing law that requires them to classify drivers as employees - giving them access to basic benefits, protections, and their right to a minimum wage, rideshare drivers will hold a news conference today calling on California voters to stop the cheaters’ $200 million attempt to write their own law with Prop 22.

“We’ve had enough of the threats from Uber and Lyft to shut down our right to paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and a living wage,” said Steve Gregg, rideshare driver and organizer with Gig Workers Rising. “Corporations who cheat the law and spend $200 million so they can keep exploiting drivers like me shouldn’t be able to buy their own rules. The Governor, the legislature, and the Attorney General are holding Uber and Lyft accountable to following the law, and now voters need to do their part by voting NO on Prop 22.”

Details Of The Conference

WHO: Drivers for Uber and Lyft whose rights and basic protections have been shut down by the billion-dollar companies, and who are leading the fight against the companies’ $200M ballot measure that would permanently block drivers from healthcare, workers’ compensation, paid sick leave, and the legal minimum wage.

WHAT: Press conference to urge Californians to double down on holding Uber, Lyft accountable to following the law by voting NO on Prop 22.

WHEN: 12:00pm (PDT) on Friday, October 23, 2020

WHERE: Register for the press conference here:

No on Prop 22, sponsored by Labor Organizations, Committee major funding from:

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

United Food and Commercial Workers International Union CLC

Service Employees International Union

More Info at