How to Improve Your Memory?

“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

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People often complain that they forget certain things quickly. People rarely forget them. Only thing is that the other insignificant information comes to the surface for some time sidetracking the important information.  However, such relegated information resurfaces subsequently to the top of the mind. People often mistake it for forgetfulness or decreased memory power.

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Techniques To Improve Your Memory

There are several ways you can improve your memory power. If you adopt the best practices with discipline and focus, you will be able to lead your life happily with a good memory. Here are some tools and techniques to improve your memory.

  • Adopt a chunking tool where the items to be memorized are divided into small portions, groups, and chunks.
  • Give rest to your mind. When your mind is relaxed, it recuperates, recharges, and develops creativity. It also unlocks your hidden potential.
  • Take breaks regularly. When you take breaks at regular intervals, you divert your mind from routine challenges. It relaxes your mind and you will be able to reflect your thoughts effectively.
  • Do meditation. In the current complex world, it is essential to meditate. The technology has overtaken human relations. People are more attached to technology rather than relationships. When you meditate you connect your mind, body, and soul and build your inner powers.
  • Eat the right food. You must avoid junk food. Take nutritious and balanced food. It gives you adequate energy and enthusiasm. You will be able to face challenges with confidence. Take limited food but more times in a day to fuel your body.
  • Avoid information overload. Previously people craved information. Presently people are inundated with excessive information leading to information overload. Excessive information creates more complexity and taxes your brain.
  • Maintain a ‘to do’ list. Prepare a daily, weekly, and monthly list and do only what is possible and feasible for you. It increases your focus and concentration.
  • Participate in computer-based brain-training programs to improve your memory and sharpen your skills.
  • Create mnemonic devices. They are amazing tools that help you organize information quickly and remember for a longer time. You can also share them easily during your teaching and training programs to reach out to your audiences. The receivers can easily understand, digest, and remember your messages.
  • Opt for mindfulness as it allows you to increase your focus, which improves your memory and speeds the brain up.
  • Avoid multitasking. Focus on one activity, complete it, and go to another activity to execute. When people juggle too many things, they are bound to forget. It is a myth to multitask. The brain can do only one thing at a time. Research shows that the brain actually needs about eight seconds to commit a piece of information to your memory.
  • Maintain a journal. Write down the tasks to do and strike out once you execute them.
  • Read the information aloud once or twice to remember it.
  • If you want to resolve the problems, sleep over them. That means before you sleep think about the problems and you will be amazed to come out with solutions on the next day.
  • Sleep well. It is the best medicine for the body. If people don't get sleep, they must drink a warm cup of milk a half-hour before hitting the sheets.  Maintain regular timings to sleep. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is essential for adults.
  • Take catnaps during the day to recharge your batteries and boost your memory.
  • Play games like chess or Sudoku to activate your brain and enhance your memory.
  • Learn a new language. Acquire new skills and abilities. Cultivate a new hobby. Stretch your mind to come out of your comfort zone.

Memory Decreases With Inactivity And Not Age

At times the information you intend to retrieve may be blocked for some time and you struggle to recollect it. When you put more effort, the block can be removed and the information can be retrieved. You must understand that it is quite natural and happens to many people.

There is a myth that with increased age, the memory decreases. In fact, memory decreases when people are inactive physically and mentally. Hence, people must involve actively in their tasks to keep themselves engaged and healthy. It helps in enhancing memory power.

Here is an innovative technique to improve your memory. Move your eyes sideways from left to right and vice versa as you activate both sides of your brain. We mostly use either left-brain or right-brain, not both sides of the brain. When you do this exercise you not only improve your memory but also unlock your potential since you use both sides of your brain.

Your right brain helps you plan your life and think logically while your left brain helps you think creatively and intuitively. Your right brain remembers the gist of experience or the big picture while your left brain recalls the details.  Most people use either the left or right brain. In fact, both the right and left brain must work holistically. When people use both sides of their brains, they will be able to achieve amazing success.

Surround with good friends and socialize with them. Participate in nonprofits to make a difference in society. It helps you engage your mind effectively and improve your memory apart from providing meaning to your life.  To conclude, improving your memory is easy if you understand certain tricks and adopt a few tools and techniques. It helps you keep good health, build relations, and grow as a leader.


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