Which Video Game Stock Will Grow The Most? Microsoft Tops The List

Every week, Benzinga runs a survey on the site to collect sentiment on what traders are most excited about, interested in or thinking about when they are managing and building their personal portfolios.

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Which Video Game Stock Will Grow The Most?

This week we posed the following questions to our site visitors:

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Over the next 5 years, which video game stock will have the largest percentage gain?

Anticipation is thick in the air this holiday season: Microsoft (NYSE:MSFT) launches their next generation gaming systems, the Xbox Series X and Series S on November 10. Benzinga users spoke and a majority of respondents, 70.7%, told us Microsoft’s stock will have the largest percentage gain by 2025.

Of readers, 16.1% said Sony (NYSE: SNE) would grow the most before 2025. Sony’s Playstation 5 home console will pave the way for their next generation of entertainment offerings. Preorders for the PS5 game console began September 17 and its release date is set for November 12.

Only 13.2% of respondents told us Nintendo Co (Pink: NTDOY) would grow the most before 2025. Nintendo’s Switch gaming systems have been a hot commodity during the ongoing global pandemic: the home of Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. reported sales of 63.2 million Switch game consoles in August 2020 alone.

Given market volatility, many traders may be more concerned about the biggest movers rather than the actual consoles and softwares being offered by individual companies.

27.7% of Families Are Worse Off Financially Than A Year Ago

Our second question posed to visitors was:

Would you say that you and your family are…

  • Better off financially than a year ago
  • About the same financially than a year ago
  • Worse off financially than a year ago

This household financial data comes approximately 6 months from lockdowns beginning in the U.S. Overall, 27.7% of readers told us their family is worse off financially than a year ago.

Of respondents, 39.9% said the ongoing pandemic has not yet hit home financially. 32.4% reported that their families are better off financially now than they were last year.

This study was conducted by Benzinga and included the responses of a diverse population of adults 18 or older and opting into the survey was completely voluntary with no incentives being offered to potential respondents.

The study reflects the results from over 400 adults on their thoughts and views pertaining to financial markets.

Henry Khederian contributed to this report.