1 In 5 Are Looking For A New Career Path Post-Lockdown

1 In 5 Are Looking For A New Career Path Post-Lockdown
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1 in 5 are looking for a new career path post-lockdown & 1 in 10 plan to start a business

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for many of us from the way we work and socialise, to companies operating 100% remotely and Zoom being utilised a number of events, from work meetings to pub quizzes. As restrictions ease, there’s no hiding from the fact that we will have to return to some form of normality and adapt to working and living in the ‘new normal’ of life post-pandemic. But just how do we feel about heading away from the safe haven of our homes and back into the office?

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Niche insurance provider Protectivity has asked office workers around the UK how they’re feeling about going back to work as COVID-19 and you can view the piece here.

How Do People Feel About Returning To Work After Lockdown?

Although we may have previously packed into crowded lifts to skip climbing the stairs without a second thought, there are now plenty of communal spaces and surfaces in offices that we will probably look at in an entirely new light. When asked if they feel safe returning to the workplace despite the risk of COVID-19, just under 1 in 3 people (31%) agreed, however there are clearly some industries where people feel safer than others.

Although there have been several reports of localised COVID-19 outbreaks stemming from factories, more than 2 in 5 (41%) of those surveyed who work in manufacturing said that they felt safe returning to work. The arts and culture sector follows closely behind with 39% of workers feeling safe to return to the workplace, with the engineering and building sector at 37%. More surprisingly, only a quarter (25%) of those working in sales, marketing and media and just over 2 in 10 (22%) of those working in the legal profession agreed with the statement, despite working in industries where social distancing measures are likely to be more easy to follow.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Your Life? 23% Are Taking A New Career Path

Throughout COVID-19, the debate of whether people prefer remote or office working is one that has been ongoing, but 43% of those surveyed said that they have enjoyed working from home during the pandemic, with more than a third (34%) saying that they may consider changing their contract to a part remote working role in the future.

However, with more than 1 in 4 UK workers on the furlough scheme and unable to work for at least part of the pandemic, the last few months have also provided many with time to reflect on their career choices. More than 1 in 5 (23%) of those surveyed said that they would like to take on a new career path as a result of the pandemic, which may not be surprising as more than a third (35%) are worried about the security of their current role post COVID-19.

Many of us have also had a little more free time, whether from being furloughed from work or as a result of normal social activities being restricted, which has led just under a third (32%) of people to start up a new hobby over the last few months and more than 1 in 10 (13%) to start up, or plan to start-up, a small business.

Life At The Office

Heading back to the office over the next few months is something many people are looking forward to, but are there some parts of office life that we haven’t really missed at all? Although just over 1 in 5 (22%) people are looking forward to resuming face-to-face meetings with colleagues, office chatter isn’t something that has been missed quite as much, with almost a quarter (24%) admitting to getting distracted by colleagues talking. Loud phone calls (16%), an untidy workplace (15%) and loud eating and chewing (10%) are also among other workplace pet peeves that many have avoided while working from home.

While much of our work takes place in the office, larger work events such as training conferences and trade shows are common in many industries. Despite the Government allowing conferences to resume in October, only 18% of workers said that they would attend these events, with HR professionals the least keen to attend at just 11%.

Pandemic Pets

Lockdown has also led to many people reviving their dreams of having a pet, with record numbers purchasing puppies over this period, in order to have a companion for their daily walks.  Of those surveyed, 11% have purchased a pet during lockdown, with this number rising to nearly a quarter (23%) in the West Midlands. Greater London is revealed as the region with the second-highest number of pet purchases over the last few months with 17%, followed by Northern Ireland (14%) and Yorkshire and the Humber (12%).

But with 16% of people worried about leaving their pets when they head back to their office, are there some people regretting their pet purchases? Although the West Midlands was the region with the highest number of pet purchases, only 7% admitted to regretting their purchase. However, this figure is much higher in Greater London which at 10%, has the highest level of pet purchase regret.

To find out more about our feelings towards going back to work after the COVID-19 lockdown and how our lives have changed as a result, visit Protectivity.

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