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2020 Morningstar Investment Conference Highlights: Michael Mauboussin, Larry Fink, Vanguard, And Much More

The following is ValueWalk’s coverage of the 2020 Morningstar Investment Conference held on September 16th through 17th. The Morningstar Investment Conference has brought together industry leaders and investing experts in a new digital format to discuss the latest developments and share new perspectives on the market.

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Q2 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more

2020 Morningstar Investment Conference

  • The Role of Luck, Skill, and Counterintuition in Investing
  • The Search for Yield in an Ultra-Low Interest-Rate World
  • Direct Indexing Is Neither Direct nor Indexing. Discuss.
  • Jana Haines, MSCI / Jennifer Sireklove, Parametric / Patrick O'Shaughnessy, O'Shaughnessy Asset Management / Moderator: Ben Johnson, Morningstar
    Link to our coverage
  • An Inflection Point for Sustainable Investing. The Time Is Now.
  • Dead Again? Value Managers Say Their Style Is Far From Over
  • The World in 2030: Cannabis, 5G, EVs, Renewables, and Pharma
    • Speakers: Chuck Bath, Diamond Hill Capital Management / Ramona Persaud, Fidelity Investments / David Wallack, T. Rowe Price
    • Link to our coverage.
  • A High-Yield State of Mind
    • Speakers: Bryan Krug, Artisan Funds / Harley Lank, Fidelity Investments / Elaine Stokes, Loomis Sayles and Co.
    • Link to our coverage.
  • Up-and-Coming Small- and Mid-cap Portfolio Managers
    • Speakers: Laird Bieger, Baron Capital / Mark Wynegar, Tributary Capital Management / Amy Zhang, Alger Funds
    • Link to our coverage.
  • Transparent ETFs - Speakers: Larry Fink, BlackRock - our coverage
  • Private Equity Is Coming to Wealth Platforms. Is That Good News?
    • Speakers: Chadd Evans, Altera Investments / Fran Kinniry, Vanguard / John Rekenthaler, Morningstar
    • Link to our coverage (Sept 27).
  • What Prior Market Crashes Teach Us About This One
    • Speakers: Paul Kaplan, Morningstar / Larry Siegel, CFA Institute Research Foundation
    • Link to our coverage.