AMERICA LAST: GOP Dumps Trumpism, Publishes Conservative Inc. NeoCon Filled Speakers List

AMERICA LAST: GOP Dumps Trumpism, Publishes Conservative Inc. NeoCon Filled Speakers List
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After enduring a dreadful, four night marathon disaster that was the Democratic Convention last week, I am sure many of my like-minded Americans were looking forward to seeing what the Republicans had in store for us at the RNC. One would hope, specifically as a Conservative, to see the GOP put forth a vision for America to counteract the vague blank checkbook of policies put forth by the Democrats during their week-long diversity seminar.

Unfortunately, it seems our hopes have been crushed once more by the people who are supposedly “on our side” with the publication of the RNC speakers list from the Trump Campaign this morning. Rather than writing an article about why this is a disaster, I decided to go with a more direct approach. Below is the complete list of speakers, by day, along with an “America First Scale” ranking and a summary of the good and/or bad for each person.

The scale is from zero to ten, with zero being an honorary John Bolton-esque Neocon, and ten being a true America First-er, on par with Trump (at least how he campaigned). The most interesting finding, at least in my opinion, is that many of the ‘DC Insider’ speakers, all of the big power players, are the Neocons put up by the RNC and the small, theme/topic example speakers are seemingly more tilted toward Populist, America-First actions.

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My sources for this list include and a myriad of media sources, plus my own accumulated impressions and knowledge from watching these players over the years. Feel free to reach out on Twitter @OyperG for questions or further insight.

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RNC Convention Actual Monday speakers include:

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) - (3/10)

Senator Scott on the surface has some redeeming qualities in regards to his faith and stances on abortion and traditional marriage. He was against same-sex marriage and advocated for traditional values. That said, his high ratings with the globalist-friendly Club for Growth are definitely indicative of his broader priorities of putting corporate interests before those of the American citizen.

Moreover, his insistence on balanced budgets over the needs of individuals in a time of unprecedented debt utilization by the federal government is useless and acts as many Republicans do as a means of sticking to their “ideals” rather than using the money the Democrats will spend anyway in a manner that would help the taxpaying American.

Lastly, his treachery on the George Floyd, BLM and ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ family of issues certifies the fact that Scott is nowhere near being an America First member of Congress.

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01) - (6/10)

Representative Scalise has some hidden gems with which to work with in becoming an America First Congressman. His stance on abortion is praiseworthy and he’s been an advocate for years for naming preborn individuals as ‘persons’ under the U.S. Constitution. On the economy, he seemed to indicate support for auditing the Federal Reserve, which would in no doubt reveal massive self-dealing and undermine the current Corporate Fiscal interests in this country, but his policies on a balanced budget amendment and capping/prioritizing spending leave much to be desired. The wildcard factor of his shooting incident adds an additional point to his AF rating (orig. 5/10) because this guy has impeccable optics and literally took a bullet for us.

Representative Matt Gaetz (FL-01) - (7/10)

Congressman Gaetz has become a bit of a rising star and a driver of optimism amongst those of us who call ourselves “America First”. First, he is a young guy who has a short but strong track record on Conservative values. He is in favor of allowing businesses to decide not to do business with same-sex couples, is a pro-life voice, and is against the legalization of marijuana. On top of this, he has called for the death penalty for anyone convicted of killing police officers - something that we desperately need more calls for in this tumultuous era. Unfortunately, he has some room to improve regarding economics and using federal funding to promote economic growth.

Finally, the whole Nestor business, while possibly viewed as charming to some, just rings as strange to many, including me, and dinged him a point on this scale. Wishing them well on that.

Representative Jim Jordan (OH-04) - (4/10)

Congressman Jordan is a bit of a hard one to call one way or the other. First, the guy is always on Fox and is out and about making the rounds on the media defending Trump, so credit to him for that. He has a solid record supporting some traditional social values, such as freedom of speech, traditional marriage, and the pro-life agenda. The downside with him is that he seems to be a total backroom sell-out for corporations and donor interests, and his recent flirtation with Big Tech is a knife in the back of Conservatives online. He could use a little more populism and a little less think tank money.

Former Ambassador Nikki Haley - (1/10)

A sad choice for the speaking list. A true Neocon’s Neocon. She is one of the most hardcore war mongers in the U.S. Government today, and she has a massive list of backroom wheelers and dealers pushing for her to get into power. On top of her clamoring for more eternal wars in the Middle East to help whoever her friends are, she is also vehemently anti-Trump in her rhetoric and actions. For example, take her statement on Trump and Charlottesville in which she attacks the President over a lie and false narrative. For her to be speaking, and placed as a ‘highlighted’ speaker is indicative of the America Last agenda of the RNC.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel - (8/10)

Now here is an example of someone that is exactly what we need in the Republican Party. She comes from a background of someone that should be radically anti-Trump, and I mean Liz Cheney/Meghan McCain type Never Trumpers. She is the daughter of Mitt Romney’s older brother, and even worked on Mitt’s campaigns in the past. Now how does someone like that become one of Trump’s chosen? Through loyalty. She is constantly on defense for Trump, raising money and has actually blasted her Uncle Mittens for his disloyalty to the President. There isn’t much available on her policy positions, but her loyalty to the Don makes her deserving of the 8/10.

Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones - (2/10)

Frankly I don’t have much on State Rep. Jones. He is a Georgia Democrat who has since joined the Trump Train for some reason or another. The only thing of substance I could find that was a good thing was that he opposes illegal immigration. Outside of this, there seems to be some dubious activity in his personal and career lives. Could this be a case of appealing to the enemy for clout? Not sure. Either way, wouldn’t call him America First.

Amy Johnson Ford - (?/10)

I literally spent 5 minutes trying to find who this is, none of the news sites have anything on her either. Does anyone know who this woman is? If I don’t know her, I can’t call her America First!

Kimberly Guilfoyle - (2/10)

Could have so used this speaking time to have someone who wasn’t a total TPUSA type give a real speech. The only reason she is going to be given time to speak is because she’s Trump Jr’s girlfriend. She is definitely no paragon of conservative values, and has repeatedly headlined Charlie Kirk’s “Culture War” events, much to the enjoyment of my namesake friends. The only reason she reached a 2/10 was because she used to be Gavin Newsom’s wife and that’s funny.

Natalie Harp - (7/10)

This is not an explicitly political pick for a speaker, so I’m giving her an 8/10 on the laurels of her being an excellent vehicle for the messaging necessary on healthcare. Natalie has a rare bone cancer and was a beneficiary of Trump’s push on Right-To-Try laws. While not a huge winner on their own, Natalie’s messaging on Right-To-Try could prove helpful for people worried about healthcare.

Charlie Kirk - (0/10)

This guy is the biggest grifter to ever disgrace the Republican party. If you don’t know this fact already, watch this video.

Kim Klacik - (4/10)

Very basic speaker. You can take a look at her campaign’s issues page to see that she has literally 5 things that she’s running on, and none of them are remotely controversial or pushing anything “America First”. That said, she is useful for the RNC and the Trump Campaign, and could possibly be molded into something more with a strong helping of populism and actual America First policies.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey - (8/10)

Another example of speakers that aren’t explicitly political, but by virtue of the events that have happened in their lives and the nation recently, they are inherently America First. These people stood their ground and defended their property with their God Given 2nd Amendment Right, and when they were attacked by the leftist government, they went on the offensive instead of backing down to be slowly dissolved and devoured. If they turn out to be good, let’s hear more from them.

Sean Parnell - (7/10)

This guy seems pretty solid, at least according to his site’s issues page. He has some economic populism going on with his pro-oil, pro-union background and highlights some social conservatism and traditionalism on the campaign site as well. If he can overcome Conor Lamb’s massive donor pool, he could be someone to watch. The one holdback is going to be his military career. While we all love our cops, our law enforcement, our military and certainly believe they’re important, often times some of these guys that run on a military background end up being Neocons.

Andrew Pollack - (7/10)

Another solid example of a single issue speaker that has the potential to make an impact. Andrew’s daughter Meadow was killed in a school shooting, and in turn he has become an activist and advocate for 2nd Amendment rights. Let’s hope he hammers on that and perhaps weaves in some of the Anti-Biden stuff that he’s been putting on his Twitter.

Donald Trump, Jr. - (7/10)

Trump Jr. gets some points because of obvious reasons; he’s Trump’s 2nd most chad son (behind Barron), is an avid outdoorsman, and has pretty good optics. The only reason I would not call him fully America First is because he has this horrible habit of affiliating with Charlie Kirk and TPUSA, he needs to cut that out and embrace Nationalism.

Tanya Weinreis - (6/10)

A local businesswoman from Montana who owns a chain of coffee huts. She was impacted by COVID Shutdowns and was the first to receive PPP Aid in Montana. Another non-political voice, but will be useful to counterpunch against the literal chorus of people that tried to pin COVID on Trump. Hopefully she makes the case for opening the country!

RNC Convention - Tuesday speakers include:

First Lady Melania Trump - (10/10)

This woman birthed Barron and speaks like 9 different languages, and she’s a supermodel. Based.

The Honorable Mike Pompeo - (2/10)

It’s kind of a shame to watch Mike Pompeo’s trajectory. When I checked his Congressional record, he actually had some stuff to work with, including social conservatism and some economic items I could call neutral and not Con. Inc., but when this guy ended up leading the CIA and then the State Dept., things went downhill fast. He is now a full neocon and has led an Executive Branch department that actively undermines the President daily.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) - (3/10)

The problem with Rand Paul is that he sounds good until you look at the whole picture. For example, he supports calling preborn individuals as legal persons, but then goes lukewarm on abortion as a whole and supports Plan-B funding. The same goes for almost every issue, and on top of that the guy is a total libertarian. It’d be better if he was a staunch libertarian, but he bends all the time and it’s often with a liberal bent.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds - (2/10)

If anybody wants to know who to call if Trump loses Iowa, read this. Total betrayer of Conservatism and caved before the BLM mob.

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez - (5/10)

I’m going to have to go neutral on Jeanette here. I’ve read through her ballotpedia page and the only striking thing about it is that it is literally the most lukewarm thing I’ve ever read. She strikes me as a true run of the mill Republican. Please wake me if I fall asleep during her remarks.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron - (7/10)

Not a lot to work with on this guy, however, he has two solid wins in his background for the America First scale’s consideration. First, he wanted to ban abortions during the COVID pandemic, under the assumption that they’re an elective procedure. This, while small in nature, indicates something about his values. Secondly, he had a large protest come to his house and he subsequently had 87 of them arrested and charged with Class D felonies for Intimidating a person in the Legal Process. We need to have this done to every rioter in our country. A good example, let’s hope he talks of Law and Order!

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi - (4/10)

While acting as Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi had a solid policy background, fighting against corporations and for traditional values. It seems as if that changed after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, after a botched CNN interview. After her stint as AG, she went on to become a Registered Foreign Agent as a lobbyist for Qatar, and also fought as a talk-show host warrior against impeachment. Typical RNC talking head, and definitely not America First.

Abby Johnson - (6/10)

Abortion activist who will probably make a compelling case as she usually does about her experience as a Planned Parenthood clinic director. I like that she comes across as an insider who discussed why Planned Parenthood is wrong, but I feel like she overplays her hand a bit. Her movie Unplanned was a bit forthright - you need to show why these things are wrong in context, sometimes the straightforward approach is a bit strong.

Jason Joyce - (6/10)

Seems like a solid dude. Jason is a Maine lobsterman and fisherman and is expected to speak on Trump’s environmental and commercial fishing policies. Trump really helped Maine with some recent regulatory activity, so I’m optimistic for this speech for outcomes on the state of Maine.

Myron Lizer - (2/10)

This is probably the most interesting speaker I’ve seen on this list. This guy is a big business, Navajo Nation VP who simultaneously supports Israel and unity between the two nations (being Navajo and Israel, not the U.S.) Needless to say, I’m sure Mr. Lizer will not be speaking about anything that can be deemed as beneficial to the American citizen!

Mary Ann Mendoza - (10/10)

Here is an Angel Mom who is going to absolutely crush it on Illegal Immigration. Her son Brandon was killed by a 3 times the legal limit drunk and high on meth ILLEGAL CRIMINAL! Her rhetoric on the immigration debate leads me to put her firmly in the America First category. We need more people like her calling out the immigration problems, both Legal and Illegal, in this country.

Megan Pauley - (?/10)

Not sure who this is, will need to see what she talks about.

Cris Peterson - (?/10)

Again, not sure who this is.

John Peterson - (?/10)

Once more, who is this? Is it the golfer?

Nicholas Sandmann - (10/10)

This guy is a total Chad. Literally stood in the face of massive leftist media onslaught and then sued the living hell out of them and is now a multi-millionaire. On top of that, he tweets semi-frequently and it’s always good content or good responses. Very much looking forward to this speech.

Eric Trump - (8/10)

Basically this guy is Donald Trump Jr., but without as many TPUSA connections. Let’s hope he aligns more with his father in the future and not Javanka.

Tiffany Trump - (7/10)

Might take a break during this one, sure to be a “my father has done more for x” type speech.

RNC Convention - Wednesday speakers include:

Vice President Mike Pence - (9/10)

One of Trump’s chosen - not exactly entirely based and redpilled in his own right, but he has gone to bat for America First and is a great bridge to establishment conservatives.

Second Lady Karen Pence - (9/10)

Just going to echo the above comment regarding her husband.

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) - (3/10)

On the social issues, especially abortion, Senator Blackburn has a stellar record. The problem with her from the America First perspective is the fact that she is likely one of the top 5 Pro-Big Business Congresspeople in the country. She endlessly goes to bat for corporate interests and masks her corporate servitude with some sugary social conservatism treats. We want economic populism, not Conservative Inc.!

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) - (6/10)

Senator Ernst could totally be a good Senator fighting for America First if she only changed a few key issues. She has a decent background on traditional values, with some room for improvement on marriage and some crime issues. She supports immigration restriction, wants to cap H1B and family visas (though sometimes this is misleading), and she would be okay with troops on the border “for logistical purposes”. Unfortunately, she is against raising a minimum wage and seems to be Pro-Big Business and ‘Judeo-Christian’ values, whatever those are. A bit more economic populism would do her some good, and Iowa would benefit as well!

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem - (8/10)

I do not know a lot about Governor Noem, but upon reviewing some of her policy decisions, it looks as if she is pretty solid. She has supported a ban on insider trading based on government information, auditing the Federal Reserve and has some social conservatism highlights that include abstinence education. She has some problems with her support for corporations, but what Republicans nowadays?

Representative Dan Crenshaw (TX-02) - (0/10)

This guy is the reincarnated ghost of John McCain. Watch this video and tell me you think Dan Crenshaw should ever be elected again or can be called a Conservative.

Representative Elise Stefanik (NY-21) - (3/10)

She has some individual good items in her background on guns and families but her support of increasing legal immigration caps and her backroom dealing on increasing H1B visas during COVID make her definitively America Last.

Representative Lee Zeldin (NY-01) - (8/10)

I have to admit that I haven’t followed this guy much, but he seems super solid. He’s supported such positions as a ban on DREAMers in the military, is pretty pro-2A, and has a great pro-family background including hosting an annual Teach a Kid to Fish Day. As is typical with the GOP, he needs to be more pro-worker, but some individual policies such as his support for investing payroll tax money into individual retirement accounts is a step in the right direction.

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell - (2/10)

The only reason Rick Grenell gets any points at all is because he got the ball rolling on the anti-Trump spying operation by dropping those documents and getting vengeance for the beating that Devin Nunes took. Outside of that, I don’t see how pushing all countries to decriminalize homosexuality is America First. Regardless of policy stances, I’m not sure what this guy can do for us as Conservatives if his priority is to force Botswana and Belarus to allow Pride parades.

The Honorable Kellyanne Conway - (6/10)

She’s been around the block fighting for Trump. She’s a solid orator and is going to give another run of the mill speech supporting the President. Really getting sick of her daughter’s Tweets about their family drama. This woman’s husband should be in jail for being a deadbeat.

Update (8/23/20) Kellyanne is going to be leaving the administration come the end of the month. Curious to see how this plays out both long-term in the admin / who will replace her (if she needs replacing), how Trump handles messaging, if she will speak badly of him afterwards, and if she will speak at the convention this week. Interesting developments!

The Honorable Keith Kellogg - (7/10)

Military man and Lt. General who is Pence’s National Security Advisor. Not a lot of information around other than that he was more Pro-Trump than Pence’s last pick, and it seems as if he is on board with Trump’s Middle East withdrawal and Trump’s increasing China Hawk mentality. Could be America First, but we will have to see when he speaks.

Jack Brewer - (5/10)

Fox News favorite - he is going to get up, talk about his football career and why kneeling for the anthem is wrong. Here’s the deal, Jack - I want to hear about why Colin Kaepernick should be put in jail, not why he is morally wrong for kneeling and being Anti-America!

Sister Dede Byrne - (9/10)

This woman is an absolute legend. She was a Colonel in the military, then after retiring lived a religious life and a Doctor. I’m talking about Mother Theresa vibes. Looking forward to her speech. Here’s a quick article on her.

Madison Cawthorn - (4/10)

Very lukewarm kind of guy. Hopefully he wins his election because we need the seats, but he comes off as a total Country Club, Club for Growth brand, Paul Ryan Lab Grown Republican. He has the cool background story of his paralysis and great optics, along with his curious Fuhrer-posting, but I don’t think he is going to become an America First paragon anytime soon. I wonder if another trip to the Eagle’s Nest can fix that! (Sarcasm people.)

Scott Dane - (6/10)

Another non-political pick. Scott is a logger from Minnesota. It seems that Trump is really making a big play for Minnesota. I hope after the Nationwide rioting that was sparked in Minnesota that the people of Minnesota are receptive to the Trump message, and that we kept enough Somalis out of the State to maintain election integrity.

Clarence Henderson - (3/10)

This is going to be a BLM pander speech. While the hope is that this “principled protester from the civil rights era” will be able to discuss with the Black Community why the rioting is wrong, can we seriously be expected to think this pandering will counteract the race hatred on display from the Democrats? On top of that, this guy is likely going to talk about “justice for George Floyd”, who died of a Fentanyl overdose.

Ryan Holets - (7/10)

A true American. A police officer from New Mexico who adopted the baby of an Opioid addicted woman that he found behind a gas station. He represents what we need to do in this nation - help our own people and most importantly, our own children.

Michael McHale - (6/10)

National Assoc. Of Police Organizations President. Going to be a decent speech on Pro-Police/Anti-Rioter topic for sure. The only dilemma I can see here is that this guy seems like a total insider friendly with both sides, so I hope he doesn’t go the whole “Justice for George Floyd” route, and instead sides with Daniel Cameron (see above on the list) with arresting the criminals.

Burgess Owens - (9/10)

I’ve kept my eye on Burgess Owens for a while. An ex-football player running for Congress in Utah, he is running on a staunchly Conservative platform. His campaign site outlines a ton of different policy positions, almost all of them are Pro-American. He can improve on some things, but for someone running for Congress, in Utah of all places, this is an awesome platform to see develop. I’ll let his page on Illegal Immigration speak for itself: Our focus should always be to protect Americans first.

Lara Trump - (7/10)

A big campaigner for the President and Eric Trump’s wife. She focuses almost primarily on the Woman vote, specifically targeting suburban and urban wives and mothers. I kind of find that her voice is siloed a bit and I wonder if she could be utilized in a manner other than endless “Women for Trump!” webinars. On top of that, her and Eric just had their second child and she has strong slavic blood. Good for them and may God bless their blossoming family.

RNC Convention - Thursday speakers include:

President Donald J. Trump - (11/10)

To quote from his 2016 speech, which I hope he one-ups this year, “The most important difference between our plan and that of our opponents, is that our plan will put America First. Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.” I hope he adds some Patrick Buchanan ‘92 speech elements to juice it up just a bit more. Remember, from this day, forward, we are going to put AMERICA FIRST!

The Honorable Ben Carson - (8/10)

This guy is pretty solid. While he is literally some sort of sleep-creature that is likely going to be used to put the elderly to sleep before they get to Ivanka, Jared and Ja’Ron, he has a great background as a surgeon and is totally Pro-American. He’s been a great HUD secretary and has simultaneously helped urban areas and kept blight out of suburbs and various communities rather than transplanting low income housing into middle class neighborhoods.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) - (2/10)

This guy is a total grifter. I would argue that he is the single most bought and paid for individual in the U.S. Senate. The case can be made that he has gotten 300+ judges confirmed, and 2 justices and this, that and the other thing. Then you see decisions like this one, in which the much ballyhooed Gorsuch betrays Conservative values he was nominated to defend.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) - (6/10)

As a whole, I’d argue that Senator Cotton is more of a good influence than a bad one on the Republican party. While the guy is a total big-business, pro-demographic replacement, Iraq War supporting Neocon, he also has a lot of great one-off policies on the domestic front. He wants to audit and trim *all* federal agencies, supports work / drug testing requirements for welfare, and is pretty staunch on his anti-self dealing policies within government. He is also pro-2A and is a China Hawk. Additionally, he seems to be pro-vitality and pro-fitness and is the fastest man in Congress, which earns him a bonus point.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) - (2/10)

This guy puts up a big front and tries to come off as Pro Trump but it is so widely and readily known that he is a clone spliced from Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan. This guy is a total establishment insider and a true Never Trumper. The perfect example of the difference between Trump and McCarthy is how they handled the QAnon Question, in which Trump brushed it off and said it would be a good thing if he was hunting satanist pedophiles. McCarthy said QAnon was dangerous and a vile conspiracy, among other things, which goes directly against our base.

Representative Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02) - (1/10)

This guy is literally left of Joe Biden, but likes Trump personally and switched parties because he didn’t like that the Democrats were being mean to Trump. Go down the list, this guy is Pro-Abortion, Anti-2A, and a litany of other Anti-American policies fill this guys C.V. Get him off the stage!

The Honorable Ivanka Trump - (3/10)

Ivanka is representative of everything that is wrong with the Trump administration. Her and her husband, Jared, constantly undermine the President’s nationalist policies. They are pro-immigration, pro-criminal, and pro-BLM. They do not support anything that Trump supports and are liberals amongst themselves. This article discusses Jared, but applies to both Ivanka and her husband. They need to be taken out of the administration in anything but an honorific role!

The Honorable Ja'Ron Smith - (2/10)

Ja’Ron Smith is the vehicle that Jared and Ivanka use to make Trump pander to the BLM mob and the vortex of policies that surround it end up making their way into Executive Orders through this vehicle. Ja’Ron is the person who helped champion ‘Criminal Justice Reform’, that allowed thousands of criminals out of the prisons, many of whom committed murders, rapes, and other violent crimes. This guy is not a conservative, is not for law and order, and should not be speaking or in the Trump administration.

Ann Dorn - (7/10)

Ann Dorn is the widow of slain St. Louis police captain David Dorn. I hope this speech will be one in a broader theme amongst the Republicans that highlight the need for law and order. She has the potential to make a strong case - these violent criminals murdered her husband, I hope she’s out for blood.

Debbie Flood - (6/10)

Debbie is the President of Melron Corp, a Wisconsin company that sells architectural hardware. Similar to the other non-political speakers mentioned previously that are from Maine and Minnesota, this seems to be an attempt to play for Wisconsin by addressing the women and business owners that are upset with their State’s leadership, especially during COVID.

Rudy Giuliani - (8/10)

Rudy is a classic fixture of Conservative politics. The guy is a total master of Law and Order and is almost certain to give a rousing speech on the topic. I hope he absolutely blasts the criminals rampaging across the country. It would be doubly great to see him discuss the destruction of statues and monuments as well - he could, and should, do so

Franklin Graham - (10/10)

This is kind of a non-political pick by virtue of the work that he does, but as a follower of Christ myself, I am obligated to give this man a 10/10. He does great work for charity and Samaritan’s Purse is a great organization. This will be a good speech regarding COVID and Charity work that Trump has done for sure. God Bless Franklin Graham.

Alice Johnson - (1/10)

I hope that Jared and Ivanka are on stage with her as she gives her speech just to indicate who is in charge. This criminal cocaine trafficker was pardoned by Trump after Javanka met with Kim Kardashian. This woman ran a multi-million dollar drug ring and because she had a sob story and his precious Ivanka pushed him, Trump agreed to pardon her. We can’t take these kinds of actions anymore, and her speech is going to be a step in the direction of more ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ and away from Law and Order. Stop this nonsense!

Wade Mayfield - (5/10)

Not entirely sure on this guy’s identity, but it looks like he is a businessman from Omaha, Nebraska who runs a large HVAC company and professional organization for the industry. Likely to be another speech on COVID benefits under Trump, necessary but uninspiring.

Carl and Marsha Mueller - (10/10)

This is going to be a tearjerker I’m sure. Carl and Marsha are the parents of Kayla Mueller, who was taken captive and killed by ISIS. I expect them to tout the President’s achievements in the Middle East, particularly of the total decimation of ISIS and Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi. They have a very touching story on how the operation to kill Al-Bagdadi was named after their daughter. Talk about delivering vengeance - this is the kind of thing we need more of.

Dana White - (8/10)

Dana White is a total chad. He runs UFC and has made a ton of money and has become friends with Trump. When he first remotely signaled support for the President, the media absolutely jumped on him and he shrugged them off. The experience only pushed him closer to Trump and while he is kind of a neutral party, he, like his comrade at Barstool Sports (see below), is a well recognized public voice for the President. People love Dana White.

Who SHOULD be on the RNC list:

There are a number of people who have been excluded from the event that I would love to see, and that objectively should speak to make the case for America First, or at minimum Pro-Trump policies.

Paul Gosar - (8/10)

This guy is a vocal America First Congressman and is often on Twitter voicing those opinions. He has great social conservative values, supports controlling government graft and crime, and is seemingly pro-American worker via his immigration proposals, such as keeping illegals out of the military. He has some room to grow with his national security policy (i.e. renewing Patriot Act), but as a whole I think he would make a great speaker and proponent of our ideas and values.

Tucker Carlson - (10/10)

Tucker is literally the icon of America First in mainstream politics today. His show consistently blows out ratings record and he is THE only person on any major media outlet that talks about values in a non-partisan way. He is totally unafraid of skewering Republicans and Democrats alike when they go against the American citizen, and it’s not just on economic topics. He recently blasted Cardi B’s degenerate “WAP” song, as well as Netflix’s predatory child-grooming “Cuties” film. I truly hope he runs and is supported by the GOP in 2024. He’d crush anyone running against him as long as he isn’t co-opted.

Dave Portnoy - (7/10)

The primary reason I’d like to see this is because the guy is funny as hell. Outside of that, he has a huge connection to younger people and seeing him speak here would be a relatability link for many people that would otherwise be uninterested. Finally, he is against COVID lockdown restrictions and has been speaking out against them for months. He would be a powerful voice against the Democrat messaging that Trump is responsible for COVID.

Patrick Buchanan - (10/10)

Just to take the place of some of the other speakers that are total Neocons, I’d like to see a genuine patriot and populist like Pat Buchanan take to the podium. We need more voices like his in the party, and his speech would be a great complement to Trump’s speech as long as Trump stays on the America First line. Perhaps we can still cancel Ja’Ron’s remarks and bring it the Buchanan Brigade!

Nicholas J. Fuentes - (10/10)

This one is obviously for the hell of it because AIPAC would airstrike the convention hall before they allowed this to happen. That said, in the event that Nick was allowed to speak, I know that he would lay down a flaming, firebrand speech like he did at his AFPAC event last year. I can’t think of anyone in politics these days that speaks the truth as clearly, as fully, and as powerfully as Nick does, and I pray for the day that his voice can be boosted by institutions. He does a show on DLive during the week, Monday-Friday at 9PM EST. If you consider yourself America First you should totally check it out. You might be offended at first, but he is not wrong.


That’s it - if you can think of anyone else that should be included or any other in’s and out’s on the individual speakers listed, again, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @OyperG. I’d like to again reiterate that the RNC supported speakers, all of the Congressmen and Establishment “Conservatives”, these are the people that are America Last. They do not want the individual American to succeed, they care only for their pockets and their power. The individual speakers like the Muellers, Ann Dorn, and all of the small business owners from around the Nation are likely sourced from Trump channels, and these speakers are the ones to watch for their America First perspectives. We need more champions for our Nation and for our People, not for our Corporations.

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