It’s the Virus, Stupid!

It’s the Virus, Stupid!
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When Bill Clinton ran for president, he had a sign hanging in his campaign headquarters to remind everyone of the number one issue: It’s the economy, stupid! The Clinton campaign wanted to keep the voters’ focus on our economy, which was still recovering from a recession.

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Clinton’s rival, President George H.W. Bush, would be kept on the defensive over this issue. President Donald Trump has evidently taken this lesson to heart, especially during the first three years of his term, when our economy – while perhaps not “the greatest economy in history” – was indeed quite prosperous.

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Social Distancing Regulations And The Economy

Of course, in recent months, we have fallen into the deepest downturn since the Great Depression. Understandably, the president wanted to quickly reverse this decline, and make our economy rise "like a rocket ship."

Even now, about half the nation believes that Trump has been a good – if not great – steward of the economy. So he figured that if he could the get economy going again, he’d easily win reelection.

There is just one problem. While the president obviously understands that COVID-19 caused this recession, he is too stupid to even acknowledge that the only way to end the recession would be to bring the coronavirus under control.

Controlling The Coronavirus To End The Recession

So instead, he’s playing a game of make-believe, in which just wishing could make it so. First, he wished there was no worldwide pandemic. Then he claimed that the Unit4d States was barely affected. Next, he predicted that the virus would disappear as soon as the weather got warmer.

But when even he was forced to concede that we did have a really big problem on our hands, the greatest anti-science president in history suggested that we could have a vaccine in perhaps just a few weeks that would quickly eradicate this deadly illness.

In the meanwhile, this stable genius, who knows more about the coronavirus than the world’s leading epidemiologists, prescribed hydroxychloroquine – an anti-malarial drug. When this drug was shown to be, at best, ineffective in curing COVID-19, the president openly speculated about ingesting household cleaning fluids such as Clorox.

Relaxing Social Distancing Regulations

But in the meanwhile, with more than 100,000 Americans having died from the coronavirus, the president’s prayers and best wishes went out to the tens of millions of unemployed workers. Soon he all but declared victory over COVID-19, and encouraged all the governors to relax social distancing regulations and open up the economy.

We can see how well that worked out. Now, with more than 135,000 dead, and the daily number of new cases well on the road to doubling between the end of June and perhaps late August, just maybe you’d think that before trying to reopen the economy, we should have continued social distancing, ramped up testing, and followed up with extensive tracing.

As our economy continues reopening, the daily number of news cases and additional deaths will continue to rise.

So, while I’m confident that the president will not read this article – since the man doesn’t read – maybe someone can pass him the word: The only way to get the economy going again is to curb the spread of the coronavirus . So yeah, it is the virus, stupid!

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