Bitcoin scammer has better business model than electric vehicle companies

WALL STREET – Another unprecedented event is unfolding from the recent Twitter/Bitcoin scam as investors begin digesting the information.  And the results are clear.  Millions are starting to realize the bitcoin scammer has a better business model than every electric vehicle company combined.

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A Bitcoin Scammer With A Better Business Model Than Every Ev Company Combined

“It hit me like a ton of bricks,” Jay Saube, research analyst at BoA stated.  “That bitcoin scammer has a better business model than every electric vehicle company combined.”

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According to consensus, the bitcoin scammer has a SaaS type business model that provides high gross margins with a variable cost structure.

“Every bitcoin this guy scams out of someone has an incremental margin close to 100%,” Jay Saube stated.  “This is literally going to be the next Amazon times 69.”

Every electric vehicle company has sold off this morning as investors realize a teenager in their mom’s basement will make more money than every EV company combined this year.

“It’s absolutely insane,” Eugene Farma said.  “I use to think markets were rational.  But that was before EV companies existed.  And before ten year-old kids could buy fractional shares in stocks.”

Major hedge funds across the nation have vowed to pull money out of scams like EV companies and put their money into bitcoin scams that actually make money.  Howard Marks from OakTree stated, “If I’m going to invest in a scam that scam better make money.”

This article first appeared on The Stonk Market