IBM Takes Its Beef With Yellowbrick To Social Media


IBM is now taking a page out of the Wendy’s social media playbook and targeting an up-and-coming company, Yellowbrick.

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Today IBM started beefing with a social media campaign on LinkedIn, promoting its Netezza data center with this caption: “Yellow brick roads are for fairy tales.  Netezza.  There’s no place like home.”

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Yellowbrick clapped back.

Yellowbrick Compares IBM To A Dinosaur

The company linked to IBM's ad with this caption: “Lions and tigers and dinosaurs, oh my! Get true #analytics #innovation for #hybridcloud with Yellowbrick Data. Hey #Netezza, sometimes you gotta leave home to find real-time answers: Learn more @

To drive the point home Yellowbrick included a graphic with a dinosaur by a yellow brick road with this caption: “Escape from Jurassic Data Center: Outrun Netezz-a-saurus (it’s not hard).

Oh snap!  This is probably the most exciting LinkedIn has been in some time.

Yellowbrick was not surprised IBM targeted them.  The company describes itself as "Yellowbrick is the World’s Fastest Data Warehouse for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments.”  When it comes to data centers Yellowbrick drives 100X faster query response time than any legacy or cloud-only data warehouses.  Even better, there are zero unexpected costs from Yellowbrick’s unique hybrid data warehouse.

“IBM gave us a great compliment today with their LinkedIn ad and I'm thrilled we're finally on IBM's radar,” said Jeff Spicer, Yellowbrick’s CMO.  “But the reality is that Netezza customers are already migrating to Yellowbrick and we've been on their radar for a while. And the performance gains, hybrid cloud capabilities, and simplicity those customers are realizing are facts, not fairy tales. We're ready for other Netezza customers to ease on down the road to Yellowbrick--because they don't need to look somewhere over the rainbow to achieve their enterprise dreams--they can look to us!”