Big Tech Survey: Continued Decline Of Mental Wellbeing


Mental health is becoming a bigger national concern as more Covid-19 cases surge in a likely second wave. On Blind, an anonymous professional network, with 3.6+MM verified users, we gauged the platform’s emotional well-being in terms of their anxiety levels, feelings of loneliness, and productivity during social distancing in late March. With Negative emotions in the U.S. surging during the first week of June, we asked the platform the same questions last week. 

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Mental Wellbeing During Work From Home And Social Distancing

Key Findings as 6/15-6/23 (3,279 Responses): 

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  • Are you experiencing increased loneliness during work from home and social distancing?
    • Loneliness is up by 11%
      • 64% of professionals answered yes; compared to 53% in March
      • 70% of Amazon professionals are feeling increasingly lonely 
        • 67% of Apple professionals
        • 66% of Microsoft professionals
  • Are you experiencing increased feelings of anxiety during work from home and social distancing?
    • Anxiety is up by 5%
    • 61% of professionals answered yes; compared to 56% in March
      • 93% of professionals are feeling increasingly anxious 
        • 79% of Salesforce professionals
        • 67% of Amazon professionals
        • 63% of Microsoft professionals
  • Have your productivity levels been impacted due to changes in your mental health while working from home?
    • Productivity has been impacted by an additional 5%
    • 58% of professionals answered yes, compared to 53% in March
      • 70% of Facebook professionals have had their productivity levels impacted 
        • 66% of Google
        • 62% of Amazon

As the “new normal” settles in and we accept this new reality, deeper and previously ignored emotions become more prevalent. One Amazon professional writes,I've been feeling really low these days, and that took a toll on my performance too”. Blind wants to use its platform to amplify the voices of the everyday professionals who are working through a very difficult time and help bring meaningful change to their careers, teams, and companies.