Judy Mikovits videos are being taken down; is this censorship?

Judy Mikovits videos are being taken down; is this censorship?
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Dr. Judy Mikovits is a well-known anti-vaccine researcher, and the removal of an interview with her from YouTube is causing yet another controversy. Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment interviewed her recently about a variety of topics, including vaccines, and the video was taken down after going viral.

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Bet-David's response to Judy Mikovits video being taken down

Bet-David responded to the Judy Mikovits video being taken down in another video posted on YouTube. He said he doesn't feel like a victim. He noted that YouTube is a free platform, and he doesn't own YouTube. Patrick compared the situation to visiting a restaurant with a sign that says "No shirt, no shoes, no service." Patrick said YouTube has the right to take down the videos it wants to take down because it has the right to refuse service to whomever it wants to refuse service to.

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Patrick also noted that many other videos of Mikovits haven't been taken down. He believes YouTube zeroed in on his video because it had received over 1 million views. He said it was the most-viewed video of Mikovits, and he believes the platform only removes videos that go viral.

Another interview is still up

Another Judy Mikovits video with Bet-David had less than 500 views and wasn't taken down. However, it was posted by another YouTube channel, which may be why it has so few vews. It's unclear whether this is the same video that was taken down from Valuetainment's channel.

In this other video, she was very critical of Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease doctor in the U.S. She said "everything that comes out of his mouth" drives people toward his patents. Judy also said that Fauci has been "standing next to every president" and predicting pandemics with a variety of viruses.

She noted that susceptible people do die from the viruses, but based on her research, she doesn't believe a vaccine will ever be the answer to fighting them. Judy questioned why governments are locking people down and telling people to put on masks. In fact, she argued that masks suppresses people's immune system, especially if they get a vaccine because they're now inhaling the virus, and it's being amplified by the vaccine. She claims people could die from wearing a mask and getting the vaccine. She also said vaccines drive more infections.

"We've tried since SARS, the severe acute respiratory virus number one, this one is called severe acute respiratory coronavirus number two, and the MERS, the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus. Those two, the vaccine development's been going for 20 years, and every piece of data says that if you give the vaccine you actually drive the disease and the next infection could kill them. She claims vaccines drive diseases and kill people, especially when they see the virus again.

She argued that the flu vaccine is driving the pandemic Judy explained that her research indicates that it isn't a natural evolution for a virus to go from a bat to a human. Judy believes the immune system overreacts to the injection of a vaccine.

Dr. Judy Mikovits videos

Bet-David's full response to the interview being taken down can be seen here:

The full Judy Mikovits video that wasn't taken down can be seen here:

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