Top 6 AI-Driven Tools for Web Designers: Know Which is Best for Your Use?

Top 6 AI-Driven Tools for Web Designers: Know Which is Best for Your Use?
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In this digital era, most of the business entrepreneurs are trying to develop a strong presence for their business on the web. Thus they are developing a mobile app and websites by seeking help from the designers, this has given rise to web development at an unprecedented rate.

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Every individual these days wants to develop feature-packed, scalable, and secure websites and applications for their business and this growing demand has led developers to use various tools and technology for easing their web development tasks more accurately and effectively.

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Nowadays, the demand for improved experience is growing dramatically. Most of the consumers expect to have the best experience throughout their purchasing journey, hence it becomes important for businesses to make sure that they develop a smart and feature-rich web app or website, they can ask designers or developers to design an excellent app which offers highly personalized UX to the prospective users.

AI for Web Designers: Explore the List of Tools to Find the Perfect One for You

Businesses and web designers are provided with new ways to design their website. And artificial technology is one such technology which has provided modern tools to the designers using which they can easily complete all their tasks efficiently. According to the Statista report, the global artificial intelligence market is going to experience massive growth in upcoming years, experts predicted that AI market revenue is going to increase from ten billion U.S. dollars to 126 billion by 2025.

More than 78% of business executives worldwide believe that artificial intelligence will make their job easier and effective and will allow them to manage workload, while 65% believe that AI-powered systems and tools will help them to free their workers from mental tasks and offer them with numerous opportunities and scopes. (Source)

Numerous AI-powered tools and systems are available in the market these days, even there are various modern tools that designers and developers can use to develop the best web app or website for their prospective customers.

A web designer can have several options to choose from, starting from Firedrop to Wix ADI, but it is very important for web designers to make a smart choice for making their designing task simple and effective. Explore the list of AI-powered tools listed below to find the perfect match, also get a breakdown on their advantages to leverage it for your designing or development process.

1. Uizard Wireframe

It is one of the advanced tools which helps designers to transform their hand-drawn wireframes to digital design, it also facilitates designers and developers to transfer their front-end code automatically. Any of the individuals need to capture the photo through their smartphone of their hand-drawn wireframes, and the Uizard will transform it into a high fidelity prototype within a few minutes. Once the hand-drawn wireframes are transferred to digital, it becomes easy for designers to customize its style-guides, export sketch, and obtain front-end code for the same.

Uizard uses AI with machine learning (ML) models to transfer the sketch into digital code and design. It also uses advanced technology like deep learning and computer vision for developing an artificial system that obtains information from images and transfers it into multi-dimensional data. I.e If you are thinking of developing delivery management software, then make sure that the firm or developer are aware of the working and use of this advanced AI-powered tool.

Uizard not only makes the developers' task much easier but it also helps them to come up with an advance solution that is capable enough to satisfy all the requirements of the present generation.

2. Sketch2Code

This AI-powered tool was recently launched by Microsoft. Sketch2Code is capable enough to transfer your sketch into the HTML prototype with the help of AI. Thanks to the advent of modern technology and Computer Vision, which has made it possible for the Microsoft team to come up with an advanced system.

This system is capable enough to understand what the designer has designed and successfully translates it into HTML code. Thus it makes it possible for designers to speed up their manual code creation. The coding process will be performed automatically by the system itself, just the designer needs to upload their design sketch on the Sketch2Code and need to wait to get the desired outcome.

Artificial Intelligence and computer version APIs are used to recognize objectives and handwriting. Once the layout is identified by the platform, it will pass to the MVC web app, which will generate the HTML code for the same. Hence designers or developers who want to make their development task easy can consider using this advanced platform for their regular use.

3. Fronty

It is an online AI-powered tool that converts any of the sketches into HTML or CSS code as per the designer's requirement. This advanced tool facilitates designers and developers to craft a website by uploading the hand-drawn images of their design on a particular platform. Once the designers upload their design into the system, Fronty will automatically transfer it and will generate the HTML or CSS (that is a front end) within a few minutes.

Besides automatic coding tasks, Fronty facilitates web designers to modify the design and content of a particular website, they can make the needed changes online to see how it really reflects on their website. This online platform will offer systematic and clean code, this source code is mainly based on CSS and HTML. Fronty was recently launched in California by Tigran Vardanyan. Any of the web designers can easily try a demo of the tool after downloading it from the official website.

4. Wix ADI

It was launched in 2016 by Wix, it is one of the most popular website builders for the designers. Wix Adi was released by the company with the aim to provide businesses with a streamlined, personalized, and cost-effective web design. Designers can customize Wix ADI as per their convenience. It allows them to switch to a traditional site editor if the designer wants to go with the traditional way of designing, but if they want to automate their designing process, then they can easily do the same by following few simple steps.

5. TeleportHQ

This open-source platform uses AI to create a website from real time code. TeleportHQ launched the video in 2018, this video was representing how this advance platform transforms the drawn wireframe into front-end code in real-time. This process recognizes hand-drawn UI elements that the designers upload to the system. This advance and open-source platform for machine learning and artificial intelligence were developed by the Google Brain team.

TeleportHQ company continued to analyze to find how they can improve their platform to make it a perfect fit for web designers and developers. And deep analyzing the artificial intelligence technology, they have recently launched an advance platform for front end development. Web designers need not have to code more for designing the website using this advanced tool, this visual development tool allows designers to develop the user interface very easily and quickly that also without wasting much time for programming the same.

6. Zecoda

It is an AI-powered tool that provides multiple opportunities to the designers, it helps them to transform their Sketch files into front-end code. A web designer can simply upload their design file to Zecoda and can get HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code within a few seconds. This advanced platform helps designers to transform their website design into an effective and responsive website, they don't have to write the code as this platform will provide them with a ready to publish website which they can publish directly on the web. Zecoda successfully combines the speed of deep learning and artificial intelligence to generate a safe and scalable website as per the input.

Ending Note

More than 73% of users responded that AI makes life easier than ever before. Hence it is clear that AI is here to stay in the market for a longer time. Therefore every individual has to understand the importance of it and need to try to derive the maximum advantages from the same. AI-powered tools that are listed can prove to be boon for developers and designers, it not only simplifies their development task but also make it much faster than their imagination.

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