Voice of the people; how people not politicians are leading the fight against Covid-19

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Whilst the coronavirus pandemic is not one that many could have predicted, many politicians around the world have been criticised for their failure to deal with the virus as promptly as they could have.

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This has led to more drastic actions being implemented further down the line, and some would say, many unnecessary deaths.

Politicians Who Listened To The Voice Of The People

But, could it be said that it was the people and not the politicians who have forced what would have happened had politicians listened to the public that they serve? After all, it is these people who have put them in power. Two great examples where this has been the case are in the USA with President Donald Trump, and the UK with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, both of whom have listened to the voice of the people and had a U-Turn on their policies of fighting against coronavirus.

UK Mr Johnson listened to the advice of general public and gave up his 'herd immunity' strategy, whilst Mr Trump changed his attitude on wearing masks. Both were done in late March and now the coronavirus in these two countries had already reached the peak, or is nearing its peak, and started to show signs of improvement.

For the US President, correcting his mistake has been ever more crucial, because in an election year it's even more vital that he wins back the trust and faith of his people.

Different Cultural Background

For westerners normally they would not put on a mask unless they are sick or they are medical staff. They would be treated as a weak people when on mask, both in physical and mental ability. Donald Trump always wishes to show how great he is of course would not put on a mask. Especially when westerners got marry with a Chinese, during social gatherings there would be arguments on whether a mask should be put on. When he or she is in sickness of course should not go out even put on a mask, or else will be looked down of going out to spread the virus. They do not have an idea to protect themselves of being infected by virus. The other side learned from a hard experience of SARS in 2003 happened in Asia and knew that masks can save life and fight against severe infectious repository diseases. Life is more important than any traditions.

On 16th March 2020, Wall Street Journal had an article to ask people should learn from the Hongkongers of putting on mask. Actually, Taiwan and Hong Kong had the lowest infection rate because 99.99 percent of the citizens wear masks.

Unexpectedly, both of them had a U-Turn in late March. At first Boris Johnson seemed doing nothing but later on established the largest Intensive Care Unit of the world by changing an exhibition Center into a Temporary Hospital. Donald Trump at length found the importance of face mask even he himself would not put on (for he has enough room to keep social distance), he recommended all people to put on mask. It’s optional and not compulsory. When in shortage, he suggested to use a scarf instead. This is a good method of solving the problem of insufficient supply of mask as had been using by the Mayor of Prague since mid-March.

They are carrying out the idea of Abraham Lincoln, Of the People, For the People, By the People.

The result; the peak of the disease is reached earlier, economic activities re-open earlier, stockmarkets rebound, and unemployment reaches the top sooner.

Glory to the voice of people!

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