Score Priority partners with Trade Ideas to deliver AI-based trading technology

Score Priority partners with Trade Ideas to deliver AI-based trading technology
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Score Priority, formerly Just2Trade, a global online brokerage and trading firm, announced recently its partnership with Trade Ideas LLC, the global market leader in providing AI and machine learning strategies to traders.

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Score Priority's Objective

Score Priority (SPC), whose stated mission is to help its customers become great traders through education and incentive, is making Trade Ideas technology available to its customers on a complimentary basis for up to three months.

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“The objective is to give our community of traders access to powerful technology that can give their business a competitive edge,” said Jay Proffitt, Managing Director at SPC. “Just as importantly, this partnership will also provide our traders with opportunities to manage risk.”

The company was already well on its way to fulfilling that objective with its comprehensive ecosystem of offerings.

Score Priority, its industry-leading online discount stock brokerage service, continues to be the backbone of SPC with a zero-commission pricing structure, robust proprietary investing tools, and access to third-party platforms, all designed to provide traders with the market access they need to be successful.

SPC Try2Befunded

SPC Try2Befunded is a new subscription service that provides capital for traders at different levels. The way it works is that once a trader demonstrates some success and hits certain benchmarks, they qualify for Try2Befunded, and additional funding opportunities.

“By combining Try2Befunded with the Trade Ideas technology offering, we are creating a path to success for smart, ambitious traders, who are looking to consistently improve performance,” said Proffitt. “Trade Ideas not only improves the trader’s opportunity for success, but can accelerate this process.”

The program works as follows:

  • Trade Ideas clients get one month of Trade Ideas Standard, courtesy of SPC.
  • To get a second month of Trade Ideas Standard, clients need only open up a SPC account with a minimum balance of $2,000. If the customer funds the account with over $10,000, they’ll upgrade to Premium Trade Ideas for the duration of the trial.
  • To get a third month of Trade Ideas Standard, clients need only execute a trade in their new SPC account.

Trade Ideas LLC's Mission

“Our mission at Trade Ideas is to help our subscribers make better decisions in the equity markets,” said David Aferiat, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Trade Ideas LLC. “Our technology identifies Buy and Sell opportunities before others and in places where no one else is often looking. With our Brokerage + module within Trade Ideas Pro we are able to partner with brokers leveraging technology to create engaging, informed experiences for their customers. The partnership with Score Priority not only delights their current customers using our platform to trade their Score Priority account, but may attract new traders, who now have a roadmap for success.”

Trey Robinson, a FinTech consultant and 25-year veteran of the financial services industry, believes the partnership is emblematic of a trend.

“In SPC, you have a leading brokerage firm with great trading software and a wide range of supporting services,” said Robinson, who spent more than a decade cultivating active traders at Charles Schwab. “In Trade Ideas, you have a company that is single handedly bringing artificial intelligence to individual traders. I’m seeing more and more partnerships like this where leaders in their respective spaces are coming together to create tremendous value for the individual trader.

“The beauty of this particular partnership is that Trade Ideas is all about making better trades, while SPC focuses on making better traders. It’s a perfect union.”

Robinson added that “another great benefit of this is that SPC traders are getting Trade Ideas content for free, while being able to access capital, as much as $100,000, through SPC’s try2befunded.   The combination is really quite unprecedented in the industry.”

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