Five cool tech hacks to try while stuck at home

Five cool tech hacks to try while stuck at home
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Tech hacks may sound like something to be afraid of. Upon hearing the word hack it’s normal to think of people wearing hoodies in dark rooms gaining access to personal information. However, tech hacks don’t all have to be bad, in fact, they can be quite helpful.

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In this instance, a hack means a strategy, technique or shortcut used to make life easier. When referred to in this way, hacks can speed up efficiency, enhance productivity and even minimize sources of annoyance. That’s exactly what the below 5 hacks, ranging from stereo tricks to proofreading tips, have been designed to do.

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5 Cool Tech Hacks

1. Amplify a smartphone's speakers

While smartphones have changed the way the world communicates, they do have one noticeable weakness- their speakers. Even on the highest volume, the speakers just don’t seem to cut it. That’s why most people choose to connect the phone to earbuds or Bluetooth stereo gear.

However, there is a simpler way to enjoy louder music. Simply place the phone into a dry cup or bowl. Aim the speakers down, turn the music on and enjoy the difference. Not only will the audio become louder, but the quality will also increase.

2. Proofread work with ease

The pain of proofreading a body of work is known the world over. Often, proofreading takes place after hours of screenwork. Subsequently, tired eyes, in some cases, will be less likely to pick up potential mistakes. That’s where Google Translate comes in.

For our second tech hacks simply input the text into Google Translate, click the speaker and hear the work being read out loud. This process will easily identify errors while also allowing the person to make sure that the work makes sense.

3. Take a selfie with Apple headphones

Not many people know those iPhone headphones basically double as an iPhone camera remote. This means that users can take videos and photographs without getting their hands in the way. To take a photo, simply push the + button on the earbuds while the camera app is open. To take a video, push the play/pause button in the middle of the headphones in order to start or stop recording.

4. Prevent a socials disaster

Letting kids play games on the phone is a great way to distract them for a few minutes of peace and quiet. However, sometimes those little hands have the potential to wreak havoc on a phone. In a matter of seconds, kids can exit a game and inadvertently post things on social media, send texts or compose emails.

To prevent a potential disaster with this tech hack, simply turn on guided access before letting kids play on the phone. Turned on once inside an app, kids won’t be able to navigate out of their game and send incoherent messages to people in the contact list.

5. Use common apps without the internet

One of the smartphone’s biggest drawcard is its ability to access the internet. However, many people think that a smartphone is rendered useless without an internet connection. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. By simply downloading songs from Spotify or Apple Music, videos from YouTube and television shows and movies from Netflix, the fun never has to stop. By downloading the above, there’s no reliance on WiFi or using data in order to keep entertained.

Mastering smart device with tech hacks

These cool tech hacks have been designed in order to overcome problems. This means that instead of waiting years for software or product updates, everyday people can improve their own devices within the comfort of their own homes. Now, issues from underperforming speakers to surviving a plane trip without the internet can be solved without hassle.

Technology, ranging in all forms from the internet to smart devices, was designed to create a world that was connected with ease. Like anything, there have been stumbling blocks along the way. However, with individuals possessing the ability to come up with or learn cool tech hacks, the benefits of technology know no bounds.

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