Top Women entrepreneurs who are set to change the world

Top Women entrepreneurs who are set to change the world
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It’s difficult for a woman to succeed in the business world, they say. Besides the wage gap, there are many obstacles that they face. Thankfully, in today’s connected world, women have many more opportunities to learn from others and get inspired than ever before. Be it through e-learning, online courses, training software, or in-person seminars and workshops. So, even if people say that it is a man’s world out there, the following seven examples of amazing women entrepreneurs prove otherwise. Take a look:

Successful entrepreneurs

  1. Janet Lewis

Janet Lewis is a Canadian entrepreneur who’s had plenty of experience in the business world. She’s started her own business as an e-learning consultant and founded Orangefish, a website where Canadian artists can reach wider audiences and share their creations. Thanks to Janet, Orangefish grew to become a six-figure company without any external funding, which truly showcases her passion and devotion. Janet loves meeting people and sharing new ideas, and because of that she’s created her own website, where she shares information and her own experiences about being a female entrepreneur in Canada. Her podcasts also allow others to join in and share their own stories about their paths to success.

  1. Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is an author, political journalist, and a businesswoman. She was one of the founders of The Huffington Post, and back in 2011, she was its President and Editor-in-chief. Arianna left the Huffington Post in 2016 and created a wellness business, Thrive Global, which focuses on striking a balance between personal life and work. Thrive Global offers solutions on how to create healthier relationships with our jobs and with technology. In today’s technology-driven world, we can learn many lessons from her. On the path to success, you first have to focus on your own well-being before you can reach the top.

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  1. Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce is a portrait photographer, business owner, and an educator. She has created Sue Bryce Education, an e-learning program that helps photographers learn how to create their own business and succeed. Sue didn’t undergo formal education, and that’s why she’s learned to appreciate and value self-education and she wants to inspire others to do the same. Sue’s learning programs are a way to make it easier for other photographers to improve, and she believes that a large part of learning comes from teaching. It’s important for women in business to stick together and share their knowledge and insights. Training software makes this possible for you. You too can use training software and create e-learning courses that enable you to share your expertise with the world.

  1. Rashmi Sinha

Named No. 8 in 2012 by Forbes on its Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs list, Rashmi Sinha is someone we can all look up to anytime. With her background in social software and interface design, Rashmi cofounded Uzanto, a user experience consulting company. Rashmi is also the CEO and co-founder of SlideShare. SlideShare is a hosting service for professional content. Users can upload their presentations, videos, infographics, and more. It’s a place where you can learn about any imaginable topic. Experts from all fields share their knowledge, which anyone can access anytime. Rashmi’s belief in collaboration and cooperation has made her into a truly successful woman.

  1. Adriana Gascoigne 

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are historically male-dominated fields. Out of the total number of graduates in these subjects, only 24% are women. Adriana Gascoigne is focused on changing that trend. As an activist, she has founded Girls in Tech and she is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Girls in Tech is a global non-profit organization that aims to put an end to gender inequality in high-tech industries. They are focused on empowering and educating women who are interested in technology. Regardless of your age or profession, you can participate in their e-learning programs and educate yourself in the fields of STEM. If you are interested in technology, you can learn from their boot camps, courses, startup competitions, and more.

  1. Corrie Conrad 

Almost all women whether entrepreneurs are not, love makeup and all that girly stuff, and Sephora is the first place they would like to go to to get their personal care and beauty products. Having said that, Sephora is not just about cosmetics. It encourages making bold choices not only in beauty care products but in life as well. Corrie Conrad is the Vice President of Sephora Stands, and she is dedicated to empowering women around the world. With Sephora Stands, you can join classes for Confidence program, which inspire women going through major life transitions.

  1. Lisa Wang 

Lisa Wang is what we all want to be. Not only did she have an amazing gymnastics career (she was a 4-time U.S. National Champion), she is a successful entrepreneur as well. She is the CEO and co-founder of SheWorx, a platform dedicated to empowering women around the world. It encourages female entrepreneurs to build and grow successful companies in today’s male-dominated landscape.

Women Entrepreneurs: Conclusion

What all these women teach us is that to succeed in this highly competitive world, we need to collaborate and work together. Starting your own business is never easy, whether you’re a man or a woman. We all need the help we can get. We need to encourage young girls and boys to be fearless and to pursue their goals. Whether it’s a girl wanting to pursue a career in STEM fields, or a boy interested in fashion and makeup. We also need to educate people about the importance of gender equality and encourage them to learn and grow. If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world, you can do it by using training software and creating e-learning courses. Help the world develop and become a better place for everyone.

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