You will probably be able to play used games on the PS5

Sony to launch PS5 Pro alongside standard PlayStation 5 [Report]christianladewig0 / Pixabay

The used video game industry is running strong with retailers such as GameStop offering a steady supply of pre-owned titles. When the PlayStation 5 comes out, players should be able to continue taking advantage of the lower prices on used games because it sounds like they will be able to play used games on the PS5.

Used games on PS5? Probably yes

Sony has not confirmed that players will be able to enjoy used games on the PS5, but the company has said it will be backward compatible with the PlayStation 4. Thus, it seems there is a good chance that players will be able to play used games on the PS5.

Android Central notes that concerns about used games arose when the Xbox One and the PS4 came out several years ago. Microsoft initially said it would restrict physical games, making it nearly impossible for players to borrow games or purchase used titles. Then when Sony revealed the PS4, it said players wouldn’t face any restrictions on physical games, taking a jab at Microsoft for the restrictions on the Xbox One.

Backward compatibility is a major stepping stone for Sony

Microsoft did end up changing the policy about physical games, and digital titles now play a major role in the gaming landscape. However, some players may still be worked about whether they will be able to play used games on the PS5 and possibly the next-generation Xbox.

The fact that the PlayStation 5 will be backward compatible with PS4 games is a major step because the PS4 wasn’t backward compatible with PS3 titles. It just makes good business sense for console makers to support backward compatibility so gamers can continue to enjoy the games they played on the previous-generation console on their new devices.

The PlayStation 5 won’t be released until the holiday shopping season later this year, so fans still have quite a while to wait for more details about Sony’s next-generation console. However, some tidbits have been leaking out here and there. It’s been just enough information to get fans excited about the PS5.

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