Are Tesla and other EVs coming to Pakistan soon?

Are Tesla and other EVs coming to Pakistan soon?
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In a move aimed at bringing electric vehicle manufacturing to Pakistan, the Ministry of Climate Change wants to convert 3,000 CNG stations to charging stations for EVs in the coming years. The official policy for EVs in Pakistan makes the South Asian nation the second developing country in the world to have such a policy aimed at climate change.

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New policy for EVs in Pakistan

The Express Tribune reports that Malik Amin Aslam, adviser to the prime minister on climate change, addressed a press conference following the second inter-ministerial committee on EV policy. He said they will make amendments to the draft of the policy that was previously approved by the federal cabinet. The amendments will be aimed at addressing the concerns of the Pakistan Association of Auto Parts and Accessories Manufacturers and the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association.

Aslam said if Tesla and other EVs come to Pakistan, it would reduce the nation’s reliance on imported oil and save about $1 billion. Additionally, EVs would reduce air pollution by 70%, he said. The Economic Coordination Committee is now concerning the new policy to put in place incentive packages associated with it.

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EVs made in Pakistan

The goal of the policy is to promote EVs that are made in Pakistan. Officials want to see their country become a major exporter of electric vehicles. The meeting that was held this week decided on incentives to two- and three-wheel vehicles, including rickshaws, motorcycles and buses. Automobile manufacturers expressed concerns about four-wheel cars, and officials have granted them 15 days to submit input to be included in the EV policy.

Aslam said India is offering its own incentives for purchasing electric vehicles. The nation is offering Rs 15,000 in cash to those who buy an electric bike, Rs 30,000 for electric rickshaws and Rs 150,000 for electric cars.

He also said that Pakistan has a window of only two or three years to become a manufacturer and exporter of electric vehicles. If the opportunity is missed, then it will become an importer of EV, he added, “which would be of no use.”

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing of Pakistani officials’ desire to manufacture electric vehicles within their borders. Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry tweeted earlier this month that he would like to attract Tesla to build a factory in Pakistan one day.

Charging station conversions

The News reports that the Ministry of Climate Change wants to promote the purchase of EVs in Pakistan by converting 3,000 CNG stations to charging stations for electric vehicles. The ministry is also targeting the conversion of 100,000 cars to electric cars and 500,000 bikes and rickshaws to electric bikes and rickshaws over the next four years.

It’s still unclear how these targets could be reached. The News claims that power transformers in the country would be overloaded when there is a high concentration of EVs charging during peak periods.

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