T-Mobile users report GPS issues with their 5G phones

T-Mobile users report GPS issues with their 5G phones
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5G technology is gradually being rolled out in several markets around the globe, including in the U.S. T-Mobile now offers some 5G phones, but it seems these phones are having problems. Many users of 5G T-Mobile phones are reporting a variety of issues on social forums.

T-Mobile’s 5G phones aren’t working

PiunikaWeb spotted the growing number of reports about problems with T-Mobile’s 5G phones. Many uses of the OnePlus 7 T Pro 5G McLaren Edition reported that they were having GPS problems with their device. They said the device stops updating their location whenever they are moving, which means navigation apps such as Google Maps don’t work because their location is constantly being lost.

OnePlus rolled out a fix for the GPS problem in the December security patch update, but that doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue for T-Mobile’s 5G phones. Many users have taken to Twitter and other social forums to report that the update didn’t fix their GPS issues. Some even performed a factory reset after installing the update, and that didn’t fix it either.

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Not just OnePlus

One Twitter user claims OnePlus owned up to the GPS issues with its 5G phones on the T-Mobile network. Supposedly, the company said they are caused by problems with the chipset. However, a fix is said to be coming.

There’s one big issue with the claim that OnePlus has admitted to problems with its 5G phones on the T-Mobile network. OnePlus users aren’t the only ones having problems with their 5G phones on T-Mobile. Some Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G users on T-Mobile are also reporting problems with their GPS. Some Note 10 Plus 5G users are also reporting problems with the battery.

This post on the T-Mobile forums is from a Note 10 Plus 5G user who said they’re having GPS issues. The device won’t lock on to GPS if they have their network set to 5G. It also struggles to connect even when on 4G. Waze and Google Maps give the error “unable to connect to GPS,” which is why the person believes it has to do with Android 10 rather than the device.

They found similar threads on the Samsung Community and XDA Developers. So far there’s no word on when a fix can be expected, but hopefully it won’t be much longer.

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