Oof! Roblox isn’t shutting down, despite the rumor

The rumor about Roblox shutting down has reared its ugly head again, but it seems safe to say that it is just a rumor. There was a similar rumor about Minecraft shutting down this year. So where does the rumor come from? It may have something to do with that “oof!” sound the characters make when they die in the game.

Rumor about Roblox shutting down tied to alleged lawsuit

PiunukaWeb pieced together some evidence about an alleged lawsuit against Roblox. The source of the rumor about Roblox shutting down appears to be a claim about Intellivision President and CEO Tommy Tallarico supposedly suing the company.

The alleged lawsuit is over the oof! sound characters make when they die in Roblox. The sound apparently originated in a game called Messiah, which came out in 2000 and was created by Tallarico. The news came to light last year, and he has since been trying to get compensation for the use of the sound in the games on the platform.

This tweet seems to suggest Roblox will be shutting down and links it to the situation involving the off! Sound and Tallarico:

Lawsuit claim rejected

However, Tallarico has responded to the rumor about Roblox shutting down numerous times, including via this tweet. He said he isn’t suing the company for $100 million. He offered to sell the company the oof! sound, but so far, it has refused. He may take legal action at some point, but he said it won’t be for $100 million:

Even if Tallarico were suing Roblox, it wouldn’t cause the company to shut down. The rumor about Roblox shutting down is clearly overblown because the company was valued at $2.5 billion as of September 2018 in its last capital raise. A $100 million lawsuit, if it were true, wouldn’t be the end of the world for Roblox.

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