Reprovision, AltStore not working anymore

Reprovision, AltStore not working anymore
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Apple has again killed IPA file signing, which has infuriated jailbreakers. Reprovision and AltStore are not working anymore, and neither are other platforms which have filled the void left by Cydia Impactor. This is turning out to be a recurring issue for jailbreakers.

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Reprovision and AltStore not working

PiunikaWeb spotted the growing number of posts about Reprovision and AltStore not working anymore. AltDeploy and AltServerPatcher are two other platforms that could be used to install third-party apps using IPA files, but none of them work anymore.

Concerns about the significant number of IPA platforms that stopped working can be traced to a Reddit thread which claims Apple seems to have killed IPA file signing again. Edits to the original Reddit post indicate that AltDeploy was working for some people, as were iOS App Signer and Xcode. Other sources suggested only Windows users were having problems, but Mac users were not.

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The developer of Reprovision decided to stop updating it, although he said the code will remain public and accepting pull requests.

Amid all the concerns about Reprovision, AltStore and others not working, AltServer tweeted that the issue seemed to be an impact of a “server-side change made by Apple.” The developer also said they are working hard to release a fix for the platform soon and that it should work for Mac users, although Windows users are having difficulties right now.

Not the first time something like this has happened

Last month, several Reddit posts about jailbreak tweaks on Reddit had to fight back against DMCA takedowns that initially were believed to have been filed by Apple. However, the source could not be authenticated, so the posts ended up being revoked.

It’s unclear just how much Apple has to do with the recent spate of problems experienced by Reprovision, AltStore and other similar platforms. However, jailbreakers are right to be suspicious of the tech giant, knowing how much it tries to crack down on the practice. Only time will tell whether jailbreakers will be able to get things back to normal.

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