Reddit down, service is unavailable for many users

Reddit down, service is unavailable for many users
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Reddit is down today, and so far, there’s no word on what’s causing the outage. Some users are getting a 503 error, meaning service is unavailable, while others are getting a 504 error, meaning gateway time-out.

Some users are not getting a new error message about Reddit being down. It states, “Our CDN was unable to reach our servers. Check Reddit Status if you consistently get this error.”

Reddit itself has not acknowledge the technical issues, as its status page shows that everything is operational. It also shows that no technical problems have been reported today. However, there are so many reports of problems on social media that it is clear there are some issues, despite the fact that the company has not acknowledged them. Additionally, when we tried to go to Reddit, we found it was down.

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Outage platform IsItDownRightNow said it was able to reach Reddit, but it also acknowledges that there could be a service disruption because many people are reporting problems. The number of reports about Reddit being down on Down Detector also seems to be increasing. The platform states that Reddit has been having problems since 8:38 a.m. Eastern. Down Detector also indicates that there were issues yesterday too, although Reddit’s status page does not record any problems on Tuesday.

The issues are definitely impacting the company’s website, but some are reporting problems with the app too. Nonetheless, a few do say it works on their mobile devices, so the app isn’t down for everyone.

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