Four Reasons To Outsource Corporate Training

Four Reasons To Outsource Corporate Training
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Corporate training has become a critical business function for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

While the activity does present a number of interesting benefits to businesses and their employees, it can also be overwhelming to implement quality corporate training that has measurable impact on your bottom line.

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Corporate training is a costly endeavour and involves several complex and time-consuming tasks. After all that, if not executed right, the poor results can discourage businesses from ever reaping the benefits of organisational learning and development.

However, with outsourcing solutions for learning and development, organisations can get professional help to make sure they are on track with their goals.

If you are still unsure about outsourcing the learning and development functions at your organisation, consider these benefits:

Expert Help

When it comes to driving results, experience and expertise are critical factors in deciding success. Your outsourcing partners are involved in training activities as their core competency.

This means, it is their job to stay on top of any updates to professional courses, they know how to tackle easy and difficult training obstacles, they know how to churn out efficiency, and most importantly, they have spent months and years perfecting the art of driving visible results from learning and development activities.

Many professional training companies even employ various subject matter experts. That’s 10,000 hours of deliberate training, according to Malcolm Gladwell.

These are resources and knowledge that takes years of continuous efforts to develop. Outsourcing training means your organisation and its employees enjoy this expertise, without you, as a business owner, having to invest in building it.

Save Time

Deploying and managing a training program, tracking results, and most importantly, developing course content for various training programs are all time-consuming tasks. However, cloud-based eLearning authoring tools make the job a bit easier. But when you outsource, you free up the management’s time to focus more on the core competencies of your business.

Sure, many businesses may not be comfortable outsourcing every aspect of their training. Even so, strategically outsourcing the most time-consuming tasks can help save on precious time.

For instance, you can outsource the general content creation for your course. The training content that is only relevant to your organisation can be developed in house.

Pro Tip: When developing training content in-house, it is smart to use cloud eLearning authoring tools. These are designed to reduce infrastructure costs while enabling real-time collaboration which effectively reduces course development time.

Cut Down Training Costs

One of the most common reasons businesses outsource any functions is because its cheaper, and training is no exception to this rule.

Developing training infrastructure, content, and a learning management system, deploying and conducting consistent and regular training and assessments, and tracking and reporting the results of a training endeavour are expensive undertakings.

Not to forget, the scalability of in-house resources should also be a consideration for growing businesses.

Outsourcing offers an almost risk-free and cost-effective solution to all these concerns. Moreover, you can always scale the outsourced functions up and down without worrying about costs or management resources.

Which brings us to our final point.

Enjoy Easy Scalability

When you have a growing business, conducting employee training in-house can prove to be a difficult task. Between managing a growing list of clients, hiring the right talent, and making sure your stakeholders are happy, focussing on developing training resources and facilities can take a toll on your ability to manage everything.

In many cases, such situations not only negatively affect the quality of training being offered by your organisation, but also influence a businesses’ competency to carry out their core activities.

In other words, when you try to do everything, you will not be able to do anything properly.

When you outsource corporate training, you can rest assured that your outsourcing partner will consistently do their best to train your teams. This can be effectively tracked and strategies to improve results can be implemented with minimal effort required from your side.

Meanwhile, you can concentrate on what you do best with one less thing to worry about. The secret to smart management lies in smart delegation and when training is not a core competency but a necessity, it is best to delegate it to the pros.


Outsourcing enables businesses to access the top industry resources in training without having to worry about building and maintaining a complex, and possibly, expensive training infrastructure within their organisations.

Not only does this mean that every resource involved in your current training efforts can be reallocated to departments that directly contribute to your bottom line. It also means that with expert help, your organisation and its employees stand a better chance at drawing real benefits from your corporate training dollars.

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