One AirPod not working? Here’s how to fix the issue

One AirPod not working? Here’s how to fix the issue
FloTV / Pixabay

Apple’s AirPods are among the best tech gadgets around that offer a truly wireless earbud experience. However, they are just tiny machines, and like other products, they could also malfunction at times. Since the devices’ release, users have reported a few issues with them, but one particular issue that many say irritates them the most is the audio not working on one of the AirPods. However, you can easily fix the issue of one AirPod not working with the help of a few tricks.

Quick solutions to fix the issue

There is no particular reason why you may encounter one AirPod may not be working, but since the AirPods’ technology works on Bluetooth, it is the usual suspect. It has also been seen that the issue mostly arises after switching to a Mac or an Apple TV.

Before we detail more complicated tricks, here are a few easier solutions you should try to fix the issue:

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