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    Winters In The Coldest Countries Around the World

    Far From A Chilly Breeze – These Are The Harshest Winters in the Coldest Countries Around the World

    Crystal Ski have conducted research, looking at the harshest winters, overall happiness levels and the life expectancy between male and females in the coldest countries around the world.

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    • Brave Canadians face average winter temperatures of -5°C.
    • The coldest temperature Russia has ever experienced is -67.8°C.
    • In the USA, females live 4.7 years longer on average compared to males.

    The Temperatures You Can Expect to Experience in the coldest countries

    From braving the winds on your way to dinner to wearing 3 pairs of gloves in aid of preventing frostbite, it’s fair to say that some countries experience extreme winters. Crystal Ski have looked at the average temperature for the coldest countries in the world, giving you an indication as to what the spine chilling temperatures that the local communities in these areas live with on a daily basis. Where would you choose?

    Below is a table highlighting some of these:

    *(measured in degrees celsius - °C)

    Canada China Estonia Finland Iceland Kazakhstan Norway Russia
    -5.35 6.95 5.1 1.7 1.75 6.4 1.5 -5.1

    Mind-blowing conditions

    Putting a number on the temperature doesn’t always tell the tale of the story of the cold you may experience in a country. You need to experience the ferocious winds and frozen toes feeling to understand just how cold it is. As the UK and Ireland hit around 5°C, it’s fair to say we’re all very cold - but what if we experienced -27.2°C, the coldest recorded temperature in the UK? How would we all cope...

    Crystal Ski’s research also delved into other countries:

    • The lowest recorded temperature in China is -58°C.
    • The USA has experienced frightening temperatures as low as -62.2°C.
    • Russia boasts the coldest temperature of all the nations researched, with an incredible -67.8°C.

    Where Do You Sit On the Life Expectancy Chart?

    Have you ever wondered what age you’re likely to live to? Is there a correlation between the cold in a country where you live in and the age you live to? Crystal Ski also investigated male vs female life expectancy, focusing again on the coldest countries in the world.

    • Females outlive men in every one of the coldest climates researched apart from Kazakhstan
    • In Russia females on average live 11.6 years longer than males
    • In the UK, females live 3.6 years longer on average compared to males.

    For more information on the Coldest Climate research, visit Crystal Ski Holidays.


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