People would still buy Coca-Cola if it weren’t in plastic bottles [SURVEY]

People would still buy Coca-Cola if it weren’t in plastic bottles [SURVEY]
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For Coca-Cola, plastic is a major part of its business. The company recently said it would keep using plastic bottles for its beverages because consumers would be unhappy if it used another type of packaging and would stop buying its products. However, it turns out that this isn’t the case, according to a new survey.

Coca-Cola on plastic bottles

Piplsay surveyed more than 32,000 Americans to find out whether they agree with Coca-Cola’s claims on plastic. The firm found that only 26% of Americans agree that single-use plastic bottles are better than other types of bottles.

The survey asked Americans their response to Coca-Cola’s statement that it wouldn’t stop selling drinks in single-use plastic bottles because it would “alienate” customers and “reduce” sales. The survey offered five possible responses. The most popular response was this: “Why not! It’s easier to carry light and resealable bottles.”

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Twenty-three percent of respondents selected this answer: “Hmm… Brands will always put their profits first,” while 19% said they don’t care, and 10% answered with this response: “Really?? You are doing this for us?”

More than half of Americans would continue to buy bottles of Coke if it came in a different type of package. Another 28% said they aren’t sure if they would buy Coke if it came in a different kind of bottle, and only 21% said they would not buy it if it came in heavier bottles or bottles that can’t be re-sealed.

Eco-friendly companies

Additionally, 22% of Americans believe the company should be more environmentally friendly with its packaging. When asked how companies like Coca-Cola could become more eco-friendly, 42% of those surveyed said they could use eco-friendly materials like aluminum or glass for bottles. Another 32% said they should recycle 100% of the plastic bottles they produce, while 18% said they could reduce the amount of plastic they use per bottle.

According to Piplsay, Coca-Cola produces 3 million tons of plastic packaging every year. That amounts to 200,0000 plastic Coca-Cola bottles every minute. The company has pledged to recover the plastic waste it produces and use at least 50% recycled materials in its packaging by 2030.

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Infographic source: Piplsay

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