Brightstar Corp. Ranks High As The Best Midsize Employers – Forbes 2019

Brightstar Corp. Ranks High As The Best Midsize Employers – Forbes 2019
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Brightstar Corp. – Seizes the Best Midsize Employers Firm Recognition from Forbes and BV Rating Lists

Brightstar Corp. ranked 146 on Forbes Media list of Best Midsize Employers of 2019. It is indeed an acknowledgment of the excellent work and effort the management of Brightstar Corp. puts in when dealing with its employees.

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An Inspiring Appearance on the Forbes Media List and now there is no denying the Forbes is one platform that represents the authenticated reviews and reflections. Forbes allies with one of the renowned global market research companies, Statista, every year to conduct surveys of employers working in different industries. This year the study included over 50,000 employees in the US who are serving in 1,000 offices. The survey focused on employers and how they rate in terms of their efficiency, quality, and treatment of employees. The comprehensive survey included every necessary aspect that an employee deals with at the workplace. The questionnaire had 35 queries that included different areas at the offices. The research was detailed, and Forbes and Statista didn't leave any room for guess-work. The purpose of the analysis was to figure out the top-rated employers in the country.

There were many targeted inquiries intended to get a response from the employees that would reflect on the standards set by the employers. Questions included details about the working environment, the salary and perks in the organization, and how satisfied the employee is with the employer. The survey included circumstances that would indicate whether an employee will recommend anyone else to work in his company. All these surveys guarantee complete confidentiality of the employees.

Forbes is recognized the world over for its authenticated, honest, and detailed reviews and surveys. The list featured TripAdvisor as the number one organization in the category of Best Midsize Employers. On the same record, Brightstar Corp. also showed its prominent presence, cementing its position as one of the top-rated companies in the USA.

Huge Accomplishment for Brightstar Corp.

It's not easy to make it to the prestigious list of Forbes. To rank in some of the best companies in the country is a massive accomplishment. The 500 names that made it on Forbes list as the Best Midsize Employers are indeed worthy of recognition and appreciation. Brightstar Corp. did not get the position on any easy terms. The survey of the company saw over 3600 employees anonymously filling questionnaires. Needless to say, when the company ranked at #146 as the Best Midsize Employers in the USA, it showed that all the employees had nothing but praises for their employers at Brightstar Corp.

Rod Millar, Brightstar's CEO, is proud of the recognition and attributes the honor to the hard work the company puts in to provide value to all its internal and external stakeholders. Everyone at Brightstar Corp. is celebrating such an astonishing success.

Rod Millar, Brightstar's CEO, is acknowledging that the honor they received has given them a considerable boost in working even harder to sustain an ideal working environment where employees get due recognition and respect for their contributions. He believes the company's success is due to their strategies of empowering employees instead of doing micromanagement of every task.

As a company,  Brightstar began by selling mobile phones in 1997 and was one of the many regional distributors in the market. Unlike other businesses, the company focused on robust growth planning and capitalizing on its core competency. They emerged out as one of the fittest mobile device lifecycle management services, which presently run offices in more than 50 countries.

Brightstar became one of the most prominent wholly-owned subsidiaries after its acquisition by the SoftBank Group. Brightstar Corp. offices are in six states in the US, with global operation offices set in Miami, Florida. The company excels with its innovative mobile solutions tailor-made for businesses and individuals. Millar is a firm believer that mobile devices are a necessity of modern and convenient lives, and Brightstar ensures helping out people with cellular functions.

Future Prospects

Brightstar Corp. is getting recognition not only in the US but all over the world and is a leading supplier of Apple recyclables further pushing them into the sustainability category. The company is happy with its BV Rating and Forbes ranking and has the firm resolve to maintaining the same workplace standards that they are carrying for years.

In the coming decade, the company foresees many expansion plans, venturing into new technology services and further developing its corporate culture. The company's focus is to set a learning and development culture that ensures ongoing training of the employees, so they get opportunities to progress their careers. The company's firm focus is to retain the employees and provide them opportunities to rank higher within the organization by having a defined career path before them.

About the Company

As one of the global leaders of mobile lifecycle management solutions, Brightstar (a subsidiary of Softbank Group Corp) has logistic services for the handling of devices operating in the wireless environment.

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