The Android 10 screen recording may be back

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If you had been looking forward to the Android 10 screen recording feature, then you were probably disappointed when it disappeared in the final public release. However, it sounds like the feature isn’t totally lost, as some reporting that it seems to be working again.

Android 10 screen recording feature may be back

This Reddit thread focuses on the removal of the feature, which had been in the beta. One of those who responded to the thread said they were able to activate it via ADB, but they said the feature was broken. When they tried to stop recording their screen, they received an error, and the video couldn’t be saved or accessed later. Clearly, it wasn’t ready for the public release, so Google removed it in the final public version of Android 10.

PiunikaWeb spotted another Reddit thread from someone who said it appears that the Android 10 screen recording feature is back. Others responded to the thread and confirmed that the feature also worked on their Pixel devices. However, there is a catch. It requires some extra work to enable it.

How to use the feature

Just as before, the Android 10 screen recording feature requires users to play their device into a computer and enable USB debugging. Then they must open up a CMD prompt or powershell and type in this command: adb shell settings put global settings_screenrecord_long_press true. The computer must also have ADB on it to enable the feature, which doesn’t work without ADB.

Once the feature is enabled, all you have to do is long-press the power button, followed by long-pressing the screenshot button. It doesn’t sound like the feature is working on every device even using this method. It’s also unclear why the feature might be back, but it could mean that Google is planning to add it officially in an Android update very soon.

Only time will tell, but it would certainly be better to have a native screen recording feature for Android devices since third-party apps make it all too easy for unscrupulous developers to use recordings captured using their apps for their own purposes.

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